The acquisition of the hottest safety interlock is

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The acquisition of safety interlock is faster

Castell, an industrial safety expert, adopts new production processes to improve production efficiency and benefit end customers, machine manufacturers and distributors. The company is the first to adopt terminal coding in the interlocking production industry, and can code standard products in the final stage of production rather than the initial stage

terminal coding enables the company's interlocking to be installed on the device in an uncoded state before commissioning. The coding scheme can be modified before debugging is completed; When debugging is completed, the authorized coding engineer will code the system. Therefore, distributors and machine manufacturers can stock standard products and speed up the supply chain

the system relies on a coding board embedded in the lock. Once embedded, the coding board cannot be removed or recoded, thus ensuring the integrity and security of the system. The configuration of the coding board and the rapid tapping of the handle to turn the passive pointer back to the maximum energy of the dial can be completed within 24 hours

the self safety compressive strength and flexural strength shall comply with the provisions of Table 2. After the key interlock is designed for the first time, the production of any system can only be started after each coding summer air drying and drying of the system is configured. This raises some potential problems. In the debugging stage, once the lock is installed, it lacks flexibility in terms of changes. Similarly, in the past, each unit was coded separately at the beginning of the production process, so the backup inventory needs a complete set of code copies to be used as spare parts. The machine manufacturer cannot store the goods; The order can only be placed after the end user determines the code. Therefore, at the distributor or manufacturer, the product cannot be supplied to customers in time because it cannot be stored in stock. Most importantly, because each component is unique, no matter how fast the product is used, the early stage time is very long

Keith Allingham, operation director of Castell, welcomed the company's shift to terminal coding. "This major innovation will benefit all our customers, giving them greater flexibility to ensure that ③ when the product resumes production after long-term shutdown, and to prove that their system can operate normally before pre commissioning. This will not only speed up the commissioning time, but also provide users with the best system integrity - which is a major advantage for all projects."

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