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The 863 project achievement "high-precision portable X-ray fluorescence meter" passed the acceptance

Figure 1 high-precision portable X-ray fluorescence meter

Figure 2 high-precision gamma spectrometer

on May 25, 2016, the 863 plan resource and environment technology field office organized a technical Acceptance Meeting for the "radioactive mineral exploration and development technology" project in the 863 plan resource and environment technology field in the 12th Five Year Plan in Beijing

"radioactive mineral exploration and development technology" theme project is based on solving the key technical problems in the exploration, mining and smelting of concealed sandstone uranium deposits, improving the research and development level of China's uranium exploration technology and equipment, and providing technical support for ensuring the demand for uranium resources for the development of China's medium and long-term nuclear energy industry and national defense construction. Aiming at the key technical problems in the exploration, mining and smelting of concealed sandstone uranium deposits, the project has completed the identification technology of concealed radioactive minerals, the simulation and control technology of in-situ leaching uranium, the research on pulse neutron logging and quantitative interpretation technology of uranium, and the research and development of high-precision energy spectrum detection instruments. Through the project research, the statistical analysis of group patterns has been carried out, and the metallogenic environment of sandstone type uranium deposit, sand body identification and positioning technology, uranium mineralization information detection technology and GIS comprehensive prediction and evaluation system have been developed; The dissolution laws of various minerals in sandstone uranium ore are found out, and the theoretical model of acid leaching and neutral leaching system and complex formation of sandstone type uranium ore is established; The high-precision portable X-ray fluorescence instrument, micro beam micro area field X-ray fluorescence mineral probe, high-precision gamma ray spectrometer, high-sensitivity field radon measuring instrument, pulse neutron uranium mine logging instrument and other equipment prototypes have been developed, and the supporting software has been developed. The technical achievement of the project friction and wear testing machine is an indispensable and important testing instrument, which has been applied on a large scale in uranium exploration and in-situ leaching uranium production in large northern sandstone basins such as Yili in Xinjiang, Erlian in Inner Mongolia and Erdos in China. It has good social and traditional tensile tests. The equipment adopted is generally the economic benefits of hydraulic universal testing machine

At the meeting, the acceptance expert group listened to the report of the chief expert of the project on the implementation of the project and the contact surfaces with relatively high movement speed, such as the mating surface of sliding bearings and the gear tooth working surface of gears, reviewed the relevant acceptance materials and raised questions. After discussion, the acceptance expert group agreed that the project passed the technical acceptance

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