The acid hydrolysis rate of titanium slag in the t

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According to the news from the Research Institute of Pangang Group Co., Ltd., Pangang has broken through the bottleneck of continuous acidolysis of titanium slag at home and abroad and achieved the innovation of titanium dioxide production process. At present, the acid hydrolysis rate of titanium slag can reach 96%, which provides a strong technical support for clean and efficient titanium dioxide production

aiming at the physicochemical properties of titanium slag smelted with Panzhihua titanium ore, the research group of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has conducted a comprehensive and systematic study on various factors affecting the acid hydrolysis rate of titanium slag and the index of titanium liquid. Last year, on the production line with an annual output of 2000 tons of titanium white, it checked whether the electromechanical machine turned clockwise and carried out industrial verification and optimization tests. The acid hydrolysis rate was stable at more than 93%, and other indexes of titanium liquid met the requirements of subsequent hydrolysis process. Since this year, the research group has carried out a new round of industrial test condition modules on the basis of further optimizing the cutting minutes, ensuring the safe and stable process parameters of its equipment placement and improving the equipment conditions: the experimental process control data and sample conditions can be made into modules, and finally achieved a record of 96% acidolysis rate of titanium slag

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