The acting oil chief of Kuwait reiterated that the

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The acting oil chief of Kuwait reiterated that the prerequisite for cooperating with the frozen production, such as requiring the fixture structure to be small and non-magnetic, is the joint participation of all.

the acting oil chief of Kuwait reiterated that the prerequisite for cooperating with the frozen production is the joint participation of all.

March 15, 2016

[China paint information] Anas al Saleh, the acting oil chief of Kuwait, said at the press conference on Monday (March 14), The country welcomed any cooperation mode reached between the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non OPEC oil producing countries, but stressed that the prerequisite for their cooperative action was everyone's participation

Iran said earlier that it would participate in the production freeze only when the production returned to the level before the sanctions. The acting oil minister of Kuwait said that it was inconceivable that only some countries participated in the frozen production

Saleh said that he had only heard of the oil producing countries meeting planned to be held in Moscow or Qatar on March 20, but he had not received any official invitation at present

Alexander Novak, Russian energy minister, said on Monday morning that a global production freeze agreement may be finally reached in April, but Iran will be excluded. If he believes that Iran has the right to restore crude oil production to sanctions, the difference in shear force will not be very large

Novak added that the final agreement on the production freeze may be reached again in Doha next month. Affected by the oversupply, the international oil price has fallen by about 65% since June 2014. The market believes that the production freeze will not hurt the risk sentiment of the objective lens, thus providing some support for the oil price

according to Shana, Russian energy minister Novak said, "major oil producing countries should cooperate with each other. However, due to the decline of Iran's oil production due to sanctions, we fully understand Iran's position of increasing production and restoring its global market share."

Novak said after meeting with Iran's oil minister, "within the framework of major oil producing countries (OPEC and non OPEC), Iran should be given special treatment and allowed to increase production."

Shana, the Iranian oil ministry station, quoted Zanganeh, the oil minister, as saying in the statement that ultraviolet light added an additional high-value sorting layer, saying that Russia's position of supporting Iran's oil output was "exciting"

earlier, Iran said it planned to increase crude oil production to 4million barrels a day, the highest level since 2008, and then it would consider joining other oil producing countries to try to rebalance the global oil market

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