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An operator's trump card dream

in the United States, the call center industry has a high scientific and technological content, and is more closely combined with big data. On the whole, it belongs to the category of modern service industry. Among 300million Americans, 7million are engaged in the call center industry. While China has a population of 1.3 billion, only 3million people are currently engaged in the call center industry. As an important carrier of Guiyang big data industry, Guiyang call center and service outsourcing industry demonstration base was officially launched in January this year. At present, the call center industry in Guiyang has nearly 30000 seats, solving the employment of 20000 people from thermoplastic composites such as high temperature resistance, long glass fiber reinforcement, long chain nylon materials, GMT, carbon fiber composites, peek and other special plastics. The picture shows Guiyang call center and service outsourcing industry demonstration base

Zeng Jing (first from the right) is a 17-year-old student in grade two of Guiyang transportation school. In January this year, she was organized by the school to practice in the call center service outsourcing demonstration base. During the internship, she became very interested in the seat position of the call center and decided to become another operator after graduation to join the customer service industry of the call center

call center is the core and key foundation for the development of big data industry. To form a big data industry cluster, data center alone is not enough, and call center is also an important link. The call center with a certain scale in the world originated from Pan American Airlines in the 1950s. The world's first called pay call center appeared in the United States in the late 1960s

introduce external suppliers to Guiyang call center 1. Zeng Jing answered as a customer service, consulted information, practiced Mandarin, and was familiar with various procedures of the operating platform. Before coming, she had prepared for a month. In order to further strengthen the construction of call centers, Guiyang plans to build a call center industrial cluster with a seating capacity of 300000 by 2020, with more than 100 call center enterprises and 700000 jobs. This can not only bring employment and industry, but also cultivate key talents needed to develop the big data industry

at present, Guiyang call center attracts the employment attention of many college students. Once the candidate passes the interview, after three months of training, he can officially go to work and become a qualified operator

induction training is not an easy thing. Zeng Jing and her classmates need to practice standard Mandarin, and are required to speak at a moderate speed, with a sweet and warm voice, speak clearly, and can't be weak. Under the guidance of the teacher, Zeng Jing gradually became familiar with the essentials of the operator's work

in addition to listening carefully after class, Zeng Jing also stipulated that the intensity of non proportional change should be doubled after class to consolidate and practice. In her words, only if you pay more than others, you will gain more. All this is for your dream of being an ace operator

like Zeng Jing, more than 600 people came to Guiyang call center for training and internship, all of whom were students from vocational and technical colleges in Guiyang. Here, students should not only learn the operator's verbal skills, but also analyze and screen the data, so that the large amount of data stored in the call center can become live and valuable data

for each trainee participating in the training, the teacher will evaluate from all aspects, carefully observe the status of the interns through various simulations and practical training, and guide their status of each connection and dialing

at the beginning of practical training, Zeng Jing felt uneasy every time she switched on, for fear of some unpredictable situations. But after hundreds of actual battles, now she can receive 400 calls a day

in Guiyang big data call center demonstration base, there are many leisure and entertainment facilities. Zeng Jing will sit in the leisure bar after his internship and share his internship experience and the gains of being a trainee operator with his friends

the comfortable leisure area and humanized tea room are full of attraction for this young man who is about to leave school and enter the society. Zeng Jing is full of curiosity and longing for the industry she is about to invest in

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