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Seize the initiative of a new round of development

in the face of the impact of the international financial crisis, Jiangsu Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Company has worked hard to develop new high-end special steel products, consolidate the position of high-end products, expand the new market of special steel for projects encouraged by national policies, and achieved a good situation of "full development and sufficient food" for all equipment, stable production and high overall casting. From January to February, the company developed more than 40 new products and achieved a profit of 100million yuan, becoming one of the enterprises with the best operation quality in the special steel industry in China. At present, the 10billion yuan phase III project with the largest investment, the largest scale and the highest technical content in the history of the enterprise is being vigorously promoted. It will be completed and launched this year, and the output, scale and benefits of Xingcheng Special Steel will be doubled after it is put into operation

it is not too much to describe the current development situation of Jiangyin enterprises with "a hundred flowers bloom in spring". Recently, it was found in the interview that Xingcheng Special Steel is just an epitome. Behind it, more than 8000 Jiangyin enterprises are using their own advantages to upgrade their processes and equipment, embark on the road of brand, change their business model, or enhance their core competitiveness by expanding new markets and seize the initiative of a new round of development

crisis danger = opportunity

the wave of financial tsunami did not cover the eyes of Jiangyin enterprises looking for opportunities

on March 18, Jiangyin Chengxing group Hanbang (Jiangyin) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. signed a loan of 1.2 billion yuan with a consortium of 9 banks, including Standard Chartered Bank (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Wuxi Branch and China Construction Bank Wuxi Branch

under the situation that the financial crisis has not yet bottomed out, what makes Chengxing group dare to enter the new market with such a large amount of money? Li Xing, chairman of the group, told that the current domestic PTA market is in a situation of short supply. It is expected that by 2017, the domestic market gap will reach 6million tons, and the latest research of the authority also predicts that the PTA industry will enter the next boom cycle from 2011

new markets, new processes, new products and new brands are new opportunities for enterprises to achieve development. Under the crisis, the reason why the traditional industries, which account for 70% of the total industrial economy of Jiangyin, can withstand the impact, stems from the keen insight of Jiangyin's traditional industries in seizing and seizing opportunities

Shuangliang group, a leading enterprise in Jiangyin machinery industry, regards seawater desalination project as an emerging high-tech product facing the future. At present, it has reached cooperation intentions with many large domestic companies. The project will greatly improve the group's large-scale mechanical processing and manufacturing capacity and profitability. At present, the plant construction and equipment installation have been completed, and the group is about to enter the mass production stage. Jiangyin Sunshine Group timely adjusted the proportion of domestic and export market, and adjusted the proportion of clothing export this year to 50%. In order to quickly occupy the domestic market, the group also launched a new style business wear brand "Sunshine Fashion" for the target consumer groups in the domestic medium and high-end market this year, and it is expected to open 300 exclusive stores within three years

while large enterprises seize opportunities and take the lead in breaking through, Jiangyin small and medium-sized enterprises fully rely on scientific and technological innovation and flexible and rapid response ability, showing strong development advantages. Jiangyin Dadi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of the central 4trillion stimulus plan, timely adjusted the product structure and accelerated the research and development of new products. At present, the enterprise has formed five leading products, including metallurgical and chemical equipment, rail transit equipment, wind power generation equipment, offshore drilling equipment, and seawater desalination equipment. Among them, rail transit equipment has received orders of more than 20 million yuan, and the total amount of orders this year is expected to exceed 100 million yuan. From January to February this year, the enterprise has sold nearly 30million yuan, an increase of 27.86% year-on-year

similar to Dadi machinery, Jiangsu Kangyuan new materials Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of accelerating the construction of domestic railway electrification, accelerated the introduction of foreign technology, and the quality of products such as contact wires and connecting cables supporting high-speed railways has reached the advanced level abroad. This year, the production task of entering the benign development of the fast track is basically full, and the annual sales will reach 500million yuan

data show that in the first quarter of this year, some enterprises in the city rose against the trend, with 18 enterprises increasing by more than 50%, 8 enterprises doubling, 74 enterprises making profits, of which 13 enterprises doubled their profits

core technology + R & D = high-end market

at present, in the workshop of high-tech wind power equipment enterprise Yuanjing Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in the completely reversible process, the industry's first wind turbine assembly line is under intense installation and commissioning, and the annual production capacity of 1000 wind turbines will be formed after the completion of the production line. At present, the prototype of the production line has obtained the measurement and control system of some electronic tensile testing machines in the U.S. market in advance by virtue of the internationally leading wind power core control technology, load optimization technology and finite element analysis technology. At present, the 8-bit single chip microcomputer is used to control the export order of 600 MW and the domestic order of 200 MW. Zhang Lei, the "Post-70s" returnee of vision, is full of confidence in the enterprise: the production scale will reach 100billion yuan by 2015

under the crisis, as another "wheel" driving the future economic development of Jiangyin, emerging industries represented by new energy, biomedicine, etc. are accelerating the extension to the high-end of the industrial chain, value chain, technology and market, and the development scale and operation quality are simultaneously improved, becoming another "heavy fist" of Jiangyin's "breaking the ice and ushering in the spring"

at present, Jiangyin has 16 wind energy enterprises and photovoltaic enterprises. Among them, the photovoltaic industry rises earlier and faster than the wind energy industry. For example, JunXin Technology Co., Ltd., a solar cell manufacturer listed on the growth enterprise board of the London Stock Exchange, currently has four 25 megawatt solar production lines with an average efficiency of more than 17.25%, and has been cooperating with well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions. This year's planned production capacity will reach 150 megawatts, The conversion efficiency will reach more than 18%%. Hairun technology has the world's most advanced silicon material processing technology

the rise of a large number of "little giants" in emerging industries such as vision, Junxin and Hairun has brought strong growth in emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, electronic information and biomedicine, as well as a cluster of high-tech industries. At present, the electronic information industry in Jiangyin has the production capacity of 6billion integrated circuit packages, 18billion discrete devices, 5million core km optical communication, and 70million square feet of printed integrated circuit boards; There are more than 550 kinds of Chinese and Western medicine products in biomedicine

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