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Opening up a new era of corrugated board production


American machinery manufacturer marquipwardunited has successfully entered the full servo driven corrugated board processing equipment market with its high-end rotary die-cutting machine servografix. This leading corrugated board production and processing equipment manufacturer in North America has combined the strong mechanical manufacturing capacity of the United States with advanced baccalais automation solutions to carry out this new innovation. Servografix has excellent production capacity, high-quality die cutting and printing, high availability and other characteristics, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the machine, and has successfully conquered the first buyer from the European continent: p-well, a German corrugated board packaging manufacturer

the blue mist soaks into the huge production workshop of the headquarters of p-well GmbH, which is located in bad Bentheim, a German Dutch border town. There are many heavy forklifts shuttling between the huge corrugated cardboard production and processing equipment. They pass through the corridor so quickly, carrying corrugated rollers and corrugated piles of different sizes and shapes, which even the visitors here are overwhelmed

"in the highly competitive corrugated board market, rich products and short delivery time mean a huge competitive advantage," Tino Lorenz, manager of bad Bentheim factory of p-well company, clearly pointed out. "Therefore, we provide customers with corrugated cardboard of various formats and designs, and provide 48 hour delivery service according to the order quantity."

for the factory manager to expand the exchange and cooperation in various fields, the failure of equipment is unavoidable - especially when the failure occurs, many systems in the factory have no spare parts available. Therefore, ensuring the output and reliability of the machine has become the main standard for the purchase of production equipment

rotary die-cutting machine is suitable for advanced flexographic printing

the company had very high expectations when purchasing the first rotary die-cutting machine for its bad Bentheim factory. Their goal is to adopt direct printing on corrugated board and further process the materials into corrugated board packaging, so as to create a complete product line

meet many requirements of p-well: the powerful mechanical manufacturing process of marquipwardunited is combined with the advanced control technology of baccalais to create a new rotary die-cutting machine with strong production capacity

in order to achieve this goal, the company conceived a rotary die-cutting machine, which has strong production capacity, less waste, efficient, stable and accurate operation. "In short, we hope that the machine is different from others. We need a solution that can fully reflect our competitive advantage," Tino Lorenz shared his view

in the process of finding partners, p-well found marquipwardunited (MWU). At that time, the leading corrugated board equipment manufacturer in the United States launched this machine specifically for the European printing market, hoping to regain market share there

perfect combination: begalay and MWU

"the machine concept proposed by MWU is very consistent with our plan," said the manager of bad Bentheim factory of p-well company. "Baccarat's reputation in the corrugated board industry is constantly rising, and MW can be maintained even in a humid and despicable environment; the combination of U's powerful machine manufacturing technology and Baccarat's advanced motion control scheme ensures that the machine has high reliability and production capacity, comprehensive functions and easy operation."

p-well has achieved the expectation, and the pioneering spirit of decision makers has also been well rewarded. After two years of efforts, the company now has an unparalleled solution: due to the improvements made in many details of the plan, this machine can produce up to 11500 pieces of corrugated cardboard per hour and minimize the processing cost per 1000m2 of cardboard. This equipment is equipped with 4 color decks (up to 10) for p-well's advanced flexographic printing, reflecting the advantages of high output, environmental protection, less waste (even if changing ink and batch) and high precision

these outstanding features are achieved by using servo motors. 47 servo drives of acaposmulti series of Baccarat are used to drive 52 servo motors in p-well four-color printing press. This also includes the motor directly connected to the shaft of the printing unit without gears - this is a solution that significantly improves the accuracy. Compared with the traditional solution, it is more robust and consumes less energy

servo drive technology improves printing accuracy

the higher printing accuracy is also attributed to the fact that these servos are driven independently. This means that even in the printing process, the printing cylinder can be driven at different speeds if necessary, and the printing length can be temporarily adjusted. This can make up for the inherent image distortion of flexo printing with photosensitive resin plates, so as to significantly improve the printing quality

because the user interface adopts process oriented design (smartcontrol) rather than machine oriented design, servografix can minimize the significant increase in lithium and cobalt, the key raw materials of lithium-ion batteries, due to misprinting caused by operational errors. In this way, it can ensure that the operation is workflow oriented, and there should be no sharp edges, sharp corners and humanized design with remanence. System operators no longer need to input individual parameters such as width. Instead, they can select meaningful values related to production, such as the location of printed images. Then, the control and drive solution automatically handles all necessary settings. The operator can use the full potential of the machine with only a short learning time

process the produced paperboard through direct printing in the marquipwardunited machine scheme

accurately adjust the printing process by using the baccalais servo drive technology connected to the third-party system, Greatly improve the printing quality

from the overall solution of baccalais

"we no longer need to rely on different suppliers, because baccalais can meet all our requirements, which makes us easier," Thomas Hartmann, product and project manager of the paper processing equipment department of MWU's German subsidiary, explained that he is responsible for the installation and commissioning of p-well's new equipment. "This, combined with other factors such as the high reliability and uniformity of the baccalais solution, constitutes the decisive factor for us to finally regard baccalais as the preferred automation technology supplier. Baccalais enables us and our customers to be well equipped for the future."

tino Lorenz confirmed this point, and very much recognized the obvious advantages brought by baccalais technology to its company: "as an end user, we see that baccalais is winning more and more supporters among machinery suppliers in the paperboard industry, and because baccalais' scheme is open and unified, the equipment is easier to integrate into the whole system." Then p-well's factory manager said more clearly: "in fact, this means that it is possible to adjust the program in the production process, and the system controller can easily access, save and call all the key data of the machine for subsequent tasks. As a result, the setting time is shorter - which is a very important advantage in the highly competitive market."

baccalais: model service

machine operation including setting can get the best support from baccalais' integrated security technology. 71 X20 system safety modules control a total of 280 channels. "We are the first users to use these modules," Thomas Hartmann added. "Although this new technology will bring some pain, baccalais' response is very fast and effective. They copied the drive and control structure of the whole machine at the company headquarters in eggelsberg and solved the problem. This service level is still worth learning from many companies."

the efforts made have finally paid off: with the launch of the new die-cutting machine "servografix", MWU and baccalais have significantly raised the technical threshold of high-end rotary die-cutting machines. "Compared with similar products in Europe, this machine has superior performance and is more competitive. That is why we have begun to develop the next machine!" Thomas Hartmann said proudly

marquipwardunited Company Profile:

time of establishment: 1968

annual turnover: US $200million

number of employees: 1000

Company Address: Phillips (USA)

Products & services: corrugated board production, processing, post-processing equipment and paper processing equipment

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