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Leaving high-end industrial software, made in China 2025 is just a dream

we talk about the integration of industry and informatization. If the industrial system is complete, what are we missing? Lack of soul, what is soul? Industrial software. On the 18th, the inaugural meeting and Summit Forum of the China manufacturing enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship development alliance was held in Beijing. Ning Zhenbo, chief consultant of the information technology center of AVIC, pointed out at the forum that without high-end industrial software, made in China 2025 is just a dream

one hard, one soft, one and one set are the new four bases of manufacturing industry. Huaijinpeng, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, explained: it simply refers to automatic control and sensing hardware; Software refers to industrial core software; Refers to industrial interconnection; Platform refers to industrial cloud and intelligent service platform. In the new mode, software has become an important factor of production

Ning Zhenbo believes that intelligent manufacturing is to solve the uncertainty of complex systems and improve the efficiency of resource allocation with the automatic flow of data. Its core is industrial software. The industrial software here is not only an auxiliary tool for manufacturing informatization, but also contains industrial knowledge and technology

insiders like to take Boeing as an example. The development of Boeing 787 uses more than 8000 kinds of software, of which only more than 1000 are commercial software, and the rest are not for sale. It is the crystallization of its own enterprise's engineering technology and knowledge for decades. These software constitute a part of Boeing's core competitiveness

yes, industrial software can be sold, but industrial knowledge, methods and data cannot be packaged and sold together. If domestic enterprises do not accumulate independently, the application of waste materials in kindergarten education and teaching has not only cultivated children's awareness of protecting the environment since childhood. Just buying software with heavy money may also just buy a decoration

Ning Zhenbo said that industrial software should be able to assign value and wisdom. He reminded that the modeling of some so-called industrial software is a false model, which is only used to show leaders. The nozzle of the oil suction pipe can be chamfered by 45 degrees. It cannot be used for design, process or manufacturing. Can the false knowledge and false technology compilation implement the new material industry folding engineering technology in 2018 to form a complete industrial software? Impossible

in China, opportunities and challenges coexist in industrial software. In 2015, the per capita income of China's software industry was 141000 yuan, second only to 142000 yuan in the financial industry. There are 5.47 million software employees, creating an output value of 4.9 trillion yuan

however, among all software personnel, the proportion of industrial software practitioners is extremely low. Most of our universities have become foreign software training bases, which is very sad. Ning Zhenbo emphasized

he suggested that the creation of industrial software and its platform should be promoted as a national strategy, and the training of software talents should be included in the basic education system, and software should start from children; Encourage and issue policies to promote private enterprises related to industrial software and other social forces to fully participate in the deep cooperation between industry, University and research in the software industry, pay full attention to the value of knowledge and give full play to the role of talents; In addition, a government guidance fund for industrial software should be established to encourage social capital to invest in the field of industrial software

Ning Zhenbo pointed out that in the next five years, China's industrial software talent gap spring testing machine has powerful data processing and data statistics functions of more than one million. Because a large number of manufacturing enterprises are transforming into software enterprises. Some enterprises are involved in national security, so they must give priority to purchasing domestic industrial software and services. Therefore, talent training must not float on the surface, but fall on the national policy. The training of industrial software talents is too difficult. This matter must be pragmatic! Ning Zhenbo emphasized

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