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COSCO Kansai is striving to become an industry model by participating in the 2019 intermodal Asia Exhibition for the sixth consecutive year

for the sixth consecutive year, COSCO Kansai is trying to become an industry model by changing the relevant terminology: maximum torque -- the maximum torque that the style can resist after the submission stage!, Paint,

participated in 2019 intermodal Asia Exhibition for the sixth consecutive year. COSCO Kansai is trying to contact our customer service at any time to become an industry model

May 24, 2019

on May 22, 2019, the intermodal container transport Asia Exhibition kicked off in the Pudong WorldExpo exhibition hall. COSCO Kansai was invited to participate in this industry event, which is also the sixth consecutive year that COSCO Kansai participated in this event

Ren Yongqing, general manager of COSCO Kansai, Wang Juren, Secretary of the general Party branch and deputy general manager, and Liu Huicheng, deputy general manager, attended the exhibition site to gather with industry experts and industry elites to discuss the development trend of the industry. Coating coat should strictly implement the "food safety we decide to expand this kind of idea law"

intermodal Asia is known as the exchange event of the global container, transportation and logistics industry. The exhibition brings together elites in various fields of container industry from more than 100 countries. It is the most important annual event of the container industry in Asia

during the exhibition, leaders of the container industry association, major container making groups, chartering companies, shipping companies, upstream raw material suppliers, professional container inspection companies and coating manufacturers also came to COSCO Kansai booth one after another to have in-depth discussions and exchanges with exhibitors on the application field of water-based container products and the future development trend of coating technology

COSCO Kansai can not only provide complete protective coatings for standard containers, but also provide multifunctional and personalized services for a full range of containers and extended products. In the future, COSCO Kansai will continue to devote itself to the research and development of container coating technology and strive to become an industry model

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