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Seek opportunities for common development - Rockwell Automation sponsored the Pan Asian American business foundation 09 China business trip to Shanghai

China industrial control information seeks opportunities for common development - Rockwell Automation sponsored the Pan Asian American business foundation 09 China business trip to Shanghai

on February 25, 2009, as a non-profit organization, The Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce began a one-day business visit in Shanghai, China. Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd. has the honor to become the only sponsor of its inspection in Shanghai. In the morning, the members of the delegation visited Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd.'s newly established Chinese headquarters and its Shanghai branch in Shanghai, Rockwell Automation (China) R & D center, and Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific shared service center

Mr. ou Ruitao, chairman and managing director of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., made a speech entitled "Rockwell Automation in the second 20 years in China", introduced in detail the development process and achievements of Rockwell Automation in China to the members of the delegation, and answered the questions raised by the balance operation table when loading on behalf of others. Subsequently, Susan Au Allen, President and CEO of the Pan Asian Chamber of Commerce in the United States, and representatives visited with great interest the full range of products and solutions of experimental force automation that Rockwell definitely added to the test piece, including industry-leading integrated architecture solutions, Allen Bradley frequency converters that are the world's leading and the first in North America, intelligent motor control center products, a full range of safety products, and core component products, Switch button products, OEM products and solutions customized for OEM customers, R & D center laboratory, listen to the introduction of Rockwell Automation Services, engineering department and R & D center

in the afternoon, a half day CEO Forum was held at the Radisson Hotel Shanghai new world. Keiran Coulton, President of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, jimkosta, global vice president of PepsiCo group, Mei Ru Cai, director of marketing and Communication Department of Sidel Greater China, and CEOs of major member companies of Pan Asia American Business Foundation delivered important speeches respectively, and discussed the current situation and development of the global market in depth. Keiran Coulton, President of Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific, delivered a speech entitled "manufacturing integration and sustainable development", Discuss the importance and necessity of sustainable development; The great value that sustainable development brings to customers, enterprises themselves and society; Rockwell Automation is operable, convenient and sustainable development strategy and solutions. The delegates expressed great interest in and affirmation of his speech

at the next cocktail party, Ms. Beatrice camp, the U.S. Consul General in Shanghai, came to the meeting to congratulate and deliver a speech, expressing confidence in the Chinese market. The members of the delegation and local enterprise leaders discussed how to seek opportunities and common development in a harmonious atmosphere

about the Pan Asian American business foundation

as a non-profit organization, the Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1984, representing all Asian Americans and Asian American related business groups. Through the provision of contract opportunities, we can cultivate and promote economic growth. At the same time, we can open the door to Asian American companies and business partners of government agencies, and provide opportunities to develop education and career. The visit of the 2009 China business delegation is based on the successful visits to Beijing, Dalian and Shanghai in 2008. I hope to take this trip to explore new consumption fields and continue to explore markets full of great opportunities and vitality under the current global economy

about Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation Co., Ltd. (nyse: ROK) occupies a leading position in the field of global industrial automation power, control and information technology solutions, and is committed to helping customers improve their competitive advantage. Rockwell Automation integrates well-known brands in the field of industrial automation, including Allen Bradley's control products and engineering services and the automation management software developed by Rockwell software. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Rockwell Automation has branches in more than 80 countries and currently employs about 21000 people

Rockwell Automation in China

in China, Rockwell Automation has more than 1600 employees, 28 sales agencies (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), 5 training centers, 1 R & D center, 1 software development center and 3 OEM application development centers, and has production bases in Shanghai. The company has actively cooperated with dozens of authorized channel partners and 36 key universities in China to jointly provide a wide range of world-class products and solutions, service support and technical training for the manufacturing industry. In April, 2008, Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd. was incorporated to integrate various resources of Rockwell Automation in China, including sales, logistics, R & D, management, finance and support services, so as to more effectively serve the Chinese market and customers. On December 26th, 2008, the headquarters of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd. and its Shanghai Branch, Rockwell Automation (China) R & D center, and Rockwell Automation Asia Pacific Shared Service Center settled in Shanghai, and officially moved to a new address located in Shanghai Caohejing Development Zone

"listen think solve"

"listen think solve" aims to better show that Rockwell Automation is committed to listening to customers' needs, and makes every effort to solve customers' problems with the best automation technology experience, industrial control and information solutions, so as to help customers succeed and grow

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