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Seize the sales opportunity, don't miss the wonderful live broadcast of Dunlop

seize the sales opportunity, don't miss the wonderful live broadcast of Dunlop

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in 2020, global enterprises and stores were affected by the epidemic. In order to support store operations, Dunlop tire has carried out online live broadcast and second kill activities since the beginning of the year and continues to this day, Many high-quality products and welfare benefits have been sent to merchants. In order for many businesses to seize the year-end sales opportunity again, at 8:00 p.m. on November 18, 2020, Dunlop tire will start the live broadcast in November, bringing wonderful welfare information to businesses. There are so many live broadcast surprises waiting for you

this live broadcast will bring businesses wonderful information about Dunlop's "tire safety inspection season". Since November 20, 2020, Dunlop tire has specially launched the "tire safety inspection season" activity, aiming at the tire tread depth detection project added in the new regulations for annual automobile inspection, and launched the tire safety inspection project to the majority of car owners, so as to timely seize the limelight of national policies, guide stores, help stores improve sales and increase marketing revenue

in addition to the preview of wonderful activities, this live broadcast still prepares welfare interactions such as the lottery and lucky Koi for everyone, and multiple good gifts are enjoyed in the live broadcast room

the live broadcast of "tire earn earn" helps tire dealers and provides the latest activity information for businesses. For details, please enter the live studio on time

the way to enter the Dunlop tire live broadcast room

1. Scan the QR code in the poster

2. Pay attention to the "Dunlop business number", and enter the live broadcast room through the business number

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