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Mingshida 2018 Charity Day held charity activities in Beijing and Tai'an

mingshida 2018 Charity Day held charity activities in Beijing and Tai'an

October 12, 2018

the sunshine in golden autumn is warm and quiet. On October 10, mingshida ushered in the fourth "Charity Day" in 2018. The functional features and operating steps of the drop hammer impact tester at the headquarters of mingshida charity alliance in Beijing The Tai'an Branch held different forms of charity activities in the two places

care for children's growth and warm you and me with love

mingshida charity alliance Beijing headquarters

the cold in October still couldn't resist the footsteps of the volunteers of mingshida charity alliance. At 11 a.m., under the leadership of secretary general Qi Yanmin, the volunteers drove from Daxing to Shunyi Guangai school and brought rice, noodles, oil, milk and other daily necessities to the children of Guangai school

Located in the quiet suburbs, Guangai school is a non-profit folk education charity, which specializes in accommodating homeless children, orphans and disabled children, and children in extreme poverty from all over the country. As soon as the volunteers entered the school gate, they saw the children's lovely faces and curious eyes. When the children saw the volunteers coming, they jumped out to meet them. Their faces laughed like a blooming flower, beautiful and happy! Here, the volunteers hold the children's hands and play games. The bright smiles on the children's faces are the greatest reward for the volunteers

Under the leadership of Mr. Zhong Yong, general manager of Tai'an production base, volunteers of Tai'an Branch of mingshida charity Alliance came to Quanshang village, Jiaoyu Town, Daiyue district, Tai'an, and sent daily necessities such as space quilts and rice noodles to local poor households, bringing warmth to this cool autumn

through the undulating narrow roads, the volunteers came to Quaner village, where the rapid development of cutting-edge materials such as graphene, 3D printing and superconductivity was warmly welcomed by local leaders and villagers, and the courtyard was full of joy. President Zhong held friendly talks with local leaders. After learning about the situation of local poor households, he led volunteers to distribute life condolences to poor villagers, wished them good health, and looked at their sincere smiles, Listening to the words of thanks, he said: "Of course, we can see that the volunteers all feel warm in their hearts.

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do good in the world, and love is boundless. Since its establishment, the mingshida charity alliance has helped thousands of individuals and groups in need of help, and has received the attention and support of all sectors of society. A single spark can start a prairie fire. In the future, the mingshida charity alliance will continue to move forward on the path of charity and become the ancestor Make a modest contribution to China's philanthropy

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