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Red Star machine joins hands with Samsung Engineering to develop the Middle East market

Red Star machine joins hands with Samsung Engineering to develop the Middle East market

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"this is the third time that red star machine has cooperated with us", the staff of Samsung engineering construction company said, "this sand and stone production line equipment is installed in Oman and serves the construction of Oman's national highway."

recently, the person in charge of the company revealed that the construction company under SamSung of South Korea has cooperated with Henan Hongxing machine for more than three times, because soon after purchasing the sand and gravel production line, they ordered a fourth sand and gravel aggregate production line in the company, which is about to be installed and tested in Saudi Arabia

the production line purchased from Henan Hongxing machine is the sand aggregate production line, which is a multi machine mobile crushing production line composed of two mobile crushing stations, namely hx938hd80 jaw breaking mobile crushing station +hx185f216 impact breaking mobile crushing station. The equipment of this sand and gravel production line has been installed and debugged in Oman a few days ago. At present, it has been officially put into production. The equipment has high output, large crushing ratio and good product particle shape, which has been highly praised by the head of Samsung Engineering Construction Company. It is precisely because of its high-efficiency, high-yield and high-quality crushing effect that Samsung engineering construction company quickly decided to install the fourth granulator in Saudi Arabia, which also makes the market of recycled plastic granulator more and more optimistic about the sand and gravel aggregate production line

the materials are uniformly transported to the jaw crusher by the feeder, and the materials initially broken by the jaw crusher are sent to the impact crusher by the conveyor for secondary crushing. The crushed materials are screened by the vibrating screen, the materials that meet the crushing requirements are output by the conveyor, and the materials that do not meet the requirements are again sent to the impact crusher for crushing. The whole crawler jaw crusher + impact crusher mobile station production line forms a closed-circuit system through the circular vibrating screen, To realize the circulation of materials, the Dow epoxy composite material system is used for crushing, and the finished materials are output by the conveyor for continuous crushing

as a long-term partner, Samsung Engineering Construction Company has highly praised the equipment quality and service of Red Star machine for updating ideas and continuously innovating. This time, it joined hands with Samsung Engineering again, which has paved the way for Red Star machine to expand the Middle East market

the cooperation between red star machine and the construction company under SamSung of South Korea for several times illustrates the enterprise strength, equipment quality and service quality of Red Star machine. Taking SamSung of South Korea as the breakthrough point in the Middle East market, let the Middle East witness the equipment quality and service quality of Red Star Machine

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