The hottest star of Reza made his debut in glory.

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"Star of Reza" made its glorious debut several celebrities also saw Reza

"star of Reza" made its glorious debut several celebrities also saw Reza

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Guide: at present, Chinese people can be divided into two parts, people who are chasing after "Star" and people who don't know what "Star" is. According to incomplete statistics, Zhao Wei, Gao Yuanyuan, Yang Mi, Chen Jon, ye Yiqian, Wu Kezhen and others fell one after another, becoming the fans of the play. And in Reza heavy machinery, their own

at present, Chinese people can be divided into two parts: those who are watching "stars" and those who do not know what "stars" are. According to incomplete statistics, Zhao Wei, Gao Yuanyuan, Yang Mi, Chen Jon, ye Yiqian, Wu Kezhen and others have been "occupied" and become fans of the play. In Reza heavy machinery, their own star - "star of Reza" came out fresh after fierce competition! It is said that the year of the horse is looking for "Qianlima". Look at these stars, Reza is simply the gathering place of Qianlima! Now let's follow and enjoy the style of these "stars of Reza"

marketing star

of course, the root of operating an enterprise is sales, so the root of sales is customers, and the root of customers is demand! Can we see market opportunities from demand and help enterprises take off? Of course, it's the salesperson. After such a cycle, Reza's "star of sales" will appear on the paper. No matter how the market changes, no matter how far customers refuse, they never choose to give up, even if they fail, they do not lose heart. They believe that the opportunity is around them, and their light cannot be covered up. They always want to open the hearts of customers and win in the next visit. So they won the final victory

Xiao Yu: his heart is a good field, and he has more than enough to plough.

Xiao Yu, the regional manager of Hunan Branch, has been working in Futian since November 2012, from the "sales Newcomer Award" to the "annual pump truck sales champion", step by step. Many people said he was lucky, but he said that it was Reza who brought him this kind of luck. He is enthusiastic, sincere, dedicated and cooperative. With his long-term market competition practice and performance, and with seemingly insignificant words and deeds, he interprets the rich connotation of being the regional manager of Reza heavy machinery Hunan Branch, and has made great contributions to Reza pump truck entering the blank market of Hunan Branch

enthusiasm is a kind of emotion originating from ideals and a natural expression of a healthy professional mentality. Xiao Yu's enthusiasm is to let customers enjoy "value-added" services beyond the scope of the product itself, and a loyal customer chain is gradually formed. Since joining Reza heavy machinery for more than a year, regardless of wind, snow and rain, and the severe cold in midsummer, Xiao Yu will appear in the company in high spirits every morning. Either he will take a ride to visit customers to understand the market, or he will follow the service personnel to go deep into end customers to understand the use of the equipment. His consistent enthusiasm and help him better understand how to deliver all-round quality services, including Reza brand, quality, service and other elements, to customers. "To meet the needs of customers, the energy-saving transformation of existing residential buildings in hot summer and cold winter areas is 50million square meters; the energy-saving transformation of public buildings and public institution office buildings is 120million square meters; the implementation of energy-saving demonstration of rural dilapidated building transformation is 400000 sets. Only by winning the trust of customers can we obtain the social credit support of our cause and continuously improve the reputation and loyalty of customers." Xiao Yu said

the heart makes a good field, and there is more than enough cultivation. Xiao Yu, with his words and deeds, interprets the rich connotation of Reza's "star of sales"

low noise

star of service support

in this era of "there are customers after customers, and the beginning of service is the beginning of sales", service victory has become the only magic weapon in enterprise competition. In the fierce market competition in the future, the differences between products and technologies are gradually narrowing. As Mr. Hilton said, "in all enterprises and market competition, there is only service left in the competition. Service is something that can compete forever!" If anyone wants to win in this tough battle in the future, the key lies in whether he has a service brand highly recognized by the majority of customers

Li Xiang: service is the beginning of the next sale

in 2013, the Algerian market completed the excellent performance of "21 pump trucks and 31 mixer trucks". Among them, the sales staff can not be ignored, but the efforts of the service staff can not be ignored

for many construction machinery, Algeria is not a volatile country, but a "gold digger" for Chinese construction machinery enterprises. 2013 was a year for Reza heavy machinery to pave the way and incubate overseas. In the highly competitive Algerian market, Reza heavy machinery pump truck ranked first among Chinese brands, and the mixer truck also increased significantly compared with 2012. With the rapid growth of equipment, the number of service equipment is as high as 130, while there are only two service personnel. In order to overcome the shortage of service resources and meet the needs of customers in time, overtime is a common occurrence for Li Xiang. In order to provide the promised nanny service, Li Xiang often goes where he needs it, accompanied by wind and rain, day and night

"sincere company, wholehearted service" Li Xiang's hard work has been highly praised by local customers, and has won a good reputation for Reza heavy machinery. In particular, Chinese funded units have strongly promoted the sales of Reza heavy machinery in Algeria, assisted in marketing, achieved outstanding sales performance of 21 pump trucks, and strongly established Reza's excellent brand in Algeria

Li Xiang, with his warm and sincere service in exchange for the growing loyalty and reputation of customers, has become the Xintiandi of Reza heavy machinery in Algeria with his infinite dedication. In this market for which he has paid hard work, sweat, wisdom and true feelings, he will continue to smile, rush, dedicate, busy, enrich, happy and harvest...

star of logistics support

in an enterprise, some people always regard the logistics department as the "backyard" of watching children at home. Those marketing departments that rush into the market will always shine when their performance is soaring, and the logistics departments that do not directly create benefits but silently pay for this big family are easy to be ignored. Think about it carefully. In fact, they paid no less than other departments, and their credit was never less than that of the salesperson who worked outside. As the Song said, "half of your military merit medals are half of mine!". Any department in the enterprise is very important, but the division of labor is different. Unity, cooperation and common struggle are the best way out for the enterprise

Gu Ying: keep working at all times

Gu Ying, deputy director of Reza overseas distribution management department, is mainly responsible for pumping overseas channel development and construction, front-line marketing personnel management, brand promotion, etc

in Gu Ying's carry on bag, there are always equipment data sheets and employee books. She said that wherever she goes, these two things will be taken with her, just in case someone suddenly calls for advice. Keeping working at all times is the most true portrayal of Gu Ying. In 2013, Gu Ying identified 10 overseas key markets and completed the construction of personnel shops by analyzing the export of similar Chinese funded equipment; New overseas dealer development and management system was established, 9 dealer channels were signed throughout the year, and 65 mixer trucks and 15 pump trucks were sold

from the initial rookie to today's "logistics support star", Gu Ying believes that a serious learning attitude and strong execution are essential. In the process of communication with it, the full self-confidence and confidence in speaking is the symbol of Gu Ying. While this illite is strengthening and toughening, its self-confidence comes from its trust in its own products, in-depth understanding of its profession, and a thorough understanding of development management. In 2013, Gu Ying also organized the preparation of a new product brochure; Plan and complete small-scale promotion activities in Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar and other markets; Organize and invite key overseas dealers to participate in large-scale domestic exhibitions and activities, and effectively promote the influence of sales and Loxa brand in the market

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