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Star new materials launched a new rubber foaming material, and German customers immediately grabbed 50000 pairs of orders.

Star new materials, which is famous for differentiated innovation, launched FPU and RVA in 2017. These two materials, which are of great significance in the history of elastomer materials, immediately received an order of 50000 pairs of recyclable and degradable packaging materials from the largest brand manufacturer in Germany

focus on developing new materials

innovative materials surround domestic sales from foreign trade

when it comes to star new materials, most sole or shoe material manufacturers know that it is an enterprise praised for its technical strength, and has been at the forefront of the industry in some areas of polymer material research and development. At present, Starwood has 3 national invention patents and 5 utility model patents, and cooperates with overseas Chinese University to undertake national scientific research projects and major projects of production, study and research in Fujian Province. In the view of general manager Li Bei, the shoemaking industry is a key pillar industry for China's export. In recent years, affected by the unstable economic environment at home and abroad, shoe enterprises are facing the problems of improving quality and reducing costs. "The new materials you have developed cannot allow shoe enterprises to change the original production process too much and take too many initial fixed investment risks. The production equipment of the two new products we launched this year has not changed, reducing the process and reducing the cost by more than four times." Li Bei said. In addition, under the increasingly serious market situation of product homogenization, star new materials has formulated a development strategy of using new materials to suddenly promote the deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, surround the foreign trade market, and then return from the outside to the inside

save working procedures, and the elasticity value is 25

Save 80000 yuan per ton by using FPU

Star new materials exhibition hall, and the samples with PFU as the main material have been displayed on the display shelf. "Customers come to proofing every day." Lin Shengli, manager of the technology department, said that at present, PU materials commonly used in the market cost about 100000 yuan per ton. To sum up, FPU rubber does not need protection, and the long service life particles are only about 20000 yuan per ton

the change of PFU production mode also saves a lot of production costs for enterprises. Traditional PU materials are foamed by mixing two liquids, and then poured and molded by federal injection molding machine. While FPU rubber particles only need one kind of liquid foaming, which saves two processes, and the compression deformation rate reaches 20%. The elasticity value of PFU with a thickness of 1 cm reaches 60, while the elasticity value of traditional PU materials remains around 45. In addition, the PFU production mode of one shot avoids the gas volatilization pollution in the traditional pouring production process. It is of great significance to environmental protection production

ultra light and high elasticity, RVA deformation rate is less than 20%

each finished shoe reduces more than 80 grams

the deformation rate of ordinary EVA material is between 30%-35%, while the compression deformation rate of EVA is less than 20%. This means that the sole made of RVA material is far superior to EVA material in terms of slip resistance and wear resistance. Star new materials uses self-developed Mako hick materials to create materials needed in different fields, and RVA is one of them

"in addition, it can also replace PVC, EVA and other relatively low-grade materials to make rain boots, which has a great improvement in the reduction of specific gravity, increase and skid resistance." Lin Shengli added. His confidence comes from the support of data. Under the condition of basically the same performance, star's RVA can reduce the weight by more than 30%: "for example, the ordinary product on the market is about 235 to 245 grams, while we can achieve 165 grams, and the performance is basically unchanged, which greatly improves the comfort of wearing and meets the needs of market consumers." It is reported that many domestic shoe giants have contacted star for many times and reached cooperation. From Germany to France to Japan, and then to Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Sichuan and other places, star new materials has launched a global market promotion offensive. "Intelligence is far-reaching, which stems from thinking. It takes product development and the application of new technology as the main direction of the company, which is also the main reason why star can take the lead in perceptual materials in the shoe industry." Li Bei, general manager of Starwood, said

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