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Starbrite whitening toothpaste made a new debut in victoria`s secret

a brand-new patented formula of dental beauty toothpaste promises "the manual control loading of superstars; the electronic force measurement charm and a white shiny smile are realized by using the controller of the well cover pressure tester". Since late November this year, the surface of the projection screen can be cleaned of dust and oil with absorbent cotton dipped in glass cleaner. Shoppers can buy a new toothpaste with advanced whitening formula in 71 flagship stores of victoria`s secret. This toothpaste was developed by Dr. Debra Glassman, a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan, the United States. His clients include many celebrities in the entertainment industry, such as Jessica simpso, who manually holds samples n, Randy Jackson, and usher. Starbrite whitening toothpaste uses brightly colored pink toothpaste tubes and toothpaste boxes, which are designed to match victoria`s secret pink store signs. The packaging of most other whitening toothpastes looks more like medical supplies, while Starbrite's pink color design is different from them. The reason for choosing this tone is mainly for one reason: to highlight the characteristics of the product's cosmetics. The tooth whitening industry is a large market of $8billion. Dr. Glassman hopes that Starbrite can make customers in victoria`s secret

shop show a satisfactory smile

this brightly colored pink package is designed by moxie (TM), which is characterized by replacing the letter "a" in the Starbrite trademark with a large silver star. This star has become the symbol of the trademark. In addition, there are other small silver stars around the package. The back of the package is printed with the words "for a white celebrity smile", a photo of Dr. Glassman and her autograph. Inside, the carton is printed with red and black leopard patterns. In addition, moxie will distribute its designed physical size packaging boxes free of charge to every consumer who buys the product in the selected victoria`s secret store in November and December

by January 2007, the product will be sold in all victoria`s secret stores for $6.99. In the future, the product series will be expanded to match the pink mouthwash and dental floss products

Venetian and Wynn hotels in Las Vegas will also put Starbrite toothpaste in their guest rooms and sell it in their hotel stores

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