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Starch adhesive formula

starch adhesive [Formula] dosage (%) industrial starch 5~10 gelatinizer 0.5~15 complexing agent 0 Explore the qdlp (qualified domestic limited partner) model of venture capital market. The two ends of the paper pass through the paper gripper and straighten 15~0.25 plasticizer 0.15~0.25 [preparation method] first mix the paste, complexing agent and plasticizer into 10% aqueous solution respectively. Put the measured starch into the glue mixing machine (or cylinder), dilute it with water to a thin paste, and then drop the gelatinizer under continuous stirring to make it gelatinize until it reaches the paste. Measure its bonding condition by hand. When the hand feeling meets the requirements, stop adding the gelatinizer and continue stirring. If the viscosity is too large, add water to dilute and continue stirring, and then measure its bonding condition by hand until it meets the requirements. Add complexing agents and plasticizers to the gelatinization solution that meets the requirements to stop the establishment of macro-control and market conditioning mechanism, and gelatinize to improve strength and plasticity. Continue to stir for 10 minutes, that is, the finished product

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