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Star Technology: glass and plastic work together, regroup and start again

as an old glass cover plate manufacturer, star technology has a wide layout in the fields of glass cover plates and plastic structural parts. At present, the company adheres to the implementation of "one-stop integration", "two main lines" and "four advantages", and believes that as long as the above three policies are implemented well, it will help the company reverse its performance and take off quickly

"one stop integration":

the company has made a wide layout in the consumer electronics terminal industry to help the human body healing chain, with three core businesses: glass cover plate, touch module and structural parts, so as to realize the one-stop integration of the consumer electronics industry chain

"two main lines":

1. The sales volume of smart watches is expected to exceed 100 million. The 3D glass cover with both performance and appearance has become the first choice of smart watches; The on-board display will also explode rapidly. The two will fully stimulate the demand for 3D glass cover plates, so there is no need to spend more money to buy microcomputer controlled ones

2. In the 5g era, the trend of demetallization of the back cover has arrived, and the high-quality and cheap plastic back cover is expected to break out 2 Since the special report, the market share of metal rear cover has been rapidly replaced, and the market space of plastic rear cover is broad

"four advantages":

1. Glass cover technology and track advantages: the company has been deeply engaged in glass cover technology for many years, and has independently developed a number of core technologies for 3D glass production. With the expansion of 3D glass production capacity, the company is expected to overtake in corners on the new track of wearable and vehicle mounted display

2. Scale advantage of plastic rear cover: the subsidiary Lianmao is the leader of plastic structural parts. After the acquisition of Guangbao and Jinsheng communication, the scale of the company's plastic rear cover further expanded

3, "Pingxiang effect" helps the company reduce costs: Pingxiang economic and Technological Development Zone, the major shareholder, assists the company to settle in Pingxiang, and a number of preferential policies reduce the company's operation and marking costs

4. Customer resource advantage: the company is already a flagship model supplier of Huawei and other first-line brands, and will receive more support under the background of trade friction

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