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Sinotruk trunk star tractor enters Weihai strongly

sinotruk trunk star tractor enters Weihai strongly

www.6 the two-day session of China Construction Machinery Information

recently, the Qingdao Branch of SINOTRUK sales department and Weihai hongben 4S store held three t7h/b trunk star tractor promotion meetings in Weihai, Shidao and Rushan respectively, China's first 100000 ton thermoplastic composite intelligent factory was completed in 2019, attracting the participation of many trunk logistics, cold chain logistics and hazardous chemical transportation enterprises. Users' participation in the safety protection device can timely and effectively protect the life safety of equipment and operators. After the test drive, they ordered 5 vehicles on site, and reached a purchase intention of 6 vehicles at the same time

Weihai area is mainly used for port cargo transportation. Goods from South Korea and Japan are transported from Weihai port, Xixiakou and other ports to the mainland, mainly radiating Zhejiang, Guangzhou, Fujian and other regions. It is a typical long-distance standard load trunk transportation, with relatively fixed routes and high-speed highways throughout the whole process

the head of SINOTRUK t7h/b tractor is 8.5 tons, which is lighter than similar products by kg. With its light weight, front and rear standard Mann wet diaphragm, this product has been a new favorite in the region due to its advantages of using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene as raw material, maintenance free bridge, and a large number of parts purchased from internationally renowned brands, which ensure the high reliability, high stability and low fuel consumption of the product, attracting the attention of a large number of customers

many users who came to the promotion conference got on the car for test drive. After feeling the charm of man technology at a close distance, they were full of praise for China Heavy Truck Man series products, and many users ordered cars on the spot

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