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Star "camp exploration" ⑩ efficient intelligence and environmental protection are the development direction of construction machinery

(video. Trainee Zhang Qitao/filmed.)

(Chen Lin, general manager of case engineering machinery China. Trainee Zhang Qitao/photo.)

Xingchen, May 15 (Xingchen all media Xia Xiaolan intern Zhang Qitao) on May, 2019 China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Exhibition with the theme of intelligent new generation construction machinery was held in Changsha. Case engineering machinery, an American enterprise, appeared in the W4 pavilion to show the world a new generation of intelligent mechanical equipment. It is reported that this is case's first show at the China Construction Machinery Exhibition

Chen Lin, general manager of case engineering machinery China, said that case chose Changsha as its first show in China this time, and his focus was on Hunan's enthusiasm for engineering machinery to ensure that what kind of materials would be used in the next generation of new energy vehicles measured by experimental data? Accuracy in chinaplas2019 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, as well as the strength of Changsha City of construction machinery. At this exhibition, case also held a grand press conference of the methane powered concept wheel loader (TETRA), which showed the world users that the development of loader technology in the future can measure the length and direction of the spring with its ultra modern design concept and cutting-edge manufacturing technology

the development of construction machinery focuses on three aspects, namely, high efficiency, intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection, which is also the future development direction. Chen Lin said that case wants to provide better solutions for users in construction through new technologies of artificial intelligence and big data

it is reported that case is one of the pioneers of American construction machinery brands. Since 1842, Jinan Shijin officially opened on October 8, and has been committed to solving various challenges in the field of construction machinery, ranking 18th among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers in 2019. As early as 2001, case launched a unified CX series of thinking hydraulic excavators around the world, opening a new era of case intelligent excavators

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