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Red Star experts teach you how to reduce jaw wear

Red Star experts teach you how to reduce jaw wear

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crusher jaw wear is a headache for many crusher users and manufacturers. As a component in direct contact with materials for a long time, jaw wear is inevitable, However, how to minimize the wear of jaw plate is always the efforts of many crusher manufacturers, including red star machine

the causes of jaw wear are very simple, such as changes in material properties, including fragility, hardness, feeding particle size and density, while the crusher makes adjustments in time; The included angle between the movable jaw and the fixed plate door increases beyond the normal range; The eccentric shaft rotates too fast, and the moving jaw swings too many times, and the crushed materials are too late to be discharged, resulting in the blockage of the crushing cavity, which intensifies the wear of the test plate after the jaw is fixed; The material strength, wear resistance and impact resistance of the jaw plate itself are poor; Uneven contact between jaw plate and body surface

what can be done to minimize jaw wear? From the above reasons of jaw wear, I believe we can get twice the result with half the effort

1. Choose regular and reliable manufacturers. The strong scientific research and financial strength and good reputation of regular manufacturers are the best evidence of high-quality products, which is why we like to choose famous brands when buying many things. The same is true for choosing crushers. Choosing appropriate manufacturers, with reasonable parts design and smooth contact surface, can avoid worries at home and reduce parts wear

2. Improve the wear resistance of jaw plate. The way to improve the jaw plate and mix these components is a way to create printer ink with specific physical characteristics. The wear resistance of materials is a very important item to reduce the wear of jaw plates. Choose high hardness, strong wear resistance, good toughness and impact resistance. 3 Regularly changing the jaw material of the servo valve can greatly prolong the service life of the jaw. In practical application, high manganese alloy jaw plates meeting this requirement are widely used in various advanced jaw crushers

3. Install wear-resistant lining plate. Since the working chamber of the jaw crusher, which is composed of the moving jaw and the fixed jaw, bears the huge crushing force and the friction of materials, we can install wear-resistant lining plates on the surfaces of the moving jaw and the fixed jaw to reduce the friction of materials on the jaw plate and reduce wear

4. Material blockage is prohibited. When there is material blockage in the jaw crusher, the sliding of the material under the extrusion of the jaw plate increases, which intensifies the wear of the jaw plate. Due to the wear of the jaw plate, the meshing angle is further increased, and the material blockage is more serious, forming a vicious cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to prohibit the blockage of materials in the machine and clean it up in time if it is found

5. Control the feeding particle size. Generally speaking, the feed particle size of jaw crusher should be controlled within 85% of the maximum size of the feed inlet and machined by Sandvik, so as to avoid damage or excessive wear to the jaw plate caused by oversized stones and ensure the crushing effect and efficiency

6. Spot check the incoming materials. Control the properties of the materials to be crushed, including hardness, humidity, feeding force, etc. the materials can be crushed only if they meet the parameters of the crusher. Once the properties of the materials are found to have great changes, the parameters of the jaw crusher should be changed in time to match the properties of the materials to be crushed

7. Install the jaw plate correctly. When installing the jaw plate, we must ensure the correct and stable installation, so that the jaw plate can contact the machine surface smoothly and work stably and reliably. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the jaw plate to shift during work, resulting in serious damage due to the collision between the jaw plate and the inner wall of the machine

8. Enhance the fastening of jaw plate. The toothed jaw plate can be used, and a layer of plastic material is placed between the jaw plate and the jaw head, so that the jaw plate is firmly fixed on the jaw head, making the contact between the jaw plates of the jaw crusher stable and reducing friction

there are many ways to reduce the wear of jaw plate. Red Star machine can attract jade by throwing bricks. We hope that more peers can put forward more methods to exchange and learn from each other. Red Star machine specializes in the production of mining machinery and equipment for more than 30 years, especially the crushing equipment is its star product. The equipment has high crushing efficiency, large crushing ratio, good finished product effect, uniform product particle size, high wear resistance of jaw plate, and long service life of the equipment

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