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"China business has become a model in the global market"

release date: Source: People's Overseas Edition

at present, the COVID-19 is still spreading all over the world, and many foreign enterprises are still facing multiple challenges, such as sluggish demand, blocked supply chains and rising capital pressure. The economic cold wave is far from over

however, as the most important growth engine of the world economy, China has achieved a synchronous correction of its economic aggregate and foreign trade. The Chinese market, which took the lead in recovering, has brought a lot of warmth to a large number of multinational enterprises

recently, this newspaper interviewed the heads of several multinational enterprises to listen to their stories about the development of the Chinese market under the epidemic

Tesco Japan:

"32 Japanese enterprises are waiting for our live studio"

"we have made 16 live broadcasts yesterday, and now there are 32 Japanese enterprises waiting for our live studio." Fuluyong, general manager of Laox China, recently talked to this newspaper about his unique experience this year

due to the impact of the epidemic, the global retail industry has been challenged to varying degrees. As the largest comprehensive commodity tax-free enterprise in Japan, Tesco's business is also facing impact. Fuluyong disclosed that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of customers in Tesco stores in Japan dropped sharply from this year's exhibition

"if you can't get through, we'll come." With this idea in mind, fuluyong was inspired by "transnational live broadcasting". He tentatively communicated with Japanese enterprises, and the live broadcasting one after another really aroused the "waves" of transnational business

"we cooperate with many Japanese medium-sized enterprises with annual sales of about 10billion days. They have the desire to develop abroad, but do not have the strength to independently explore the Chinese market. Tesco provides a good platform." Fuluyong said. At present, Tesco has joined hands with more than 1000 Japanese SMEs to enter the Chinese market

the key to the closer and closer cooperation under the epidemic situation lies in the demand of the Chinese market

after the outbreak of the epidemic, Tesco's domestic sales performance decreased in Japan, but increased in China. "The demand for epidemic prevention materials has increased, and the consumption has increased. In addition, the resumption of work and production and the recovery of the economy have also improved our consumer confidence." Fuluyong believes that these three factors together have boosted Tesco's performance in China

in Japan, live e-commerce is still a "new word", and many suppliers were skeptical at first. However, the real sales volume is convincing enough. "Later, they liked it more and more, and some of them have started to sign appointment contracts.". After 16 cross-border live broadcasts, the heads of Japanese brands such as Panasonic, Toshiba, Lianquan daedo and Ping'an Tsumura all came to the live broadcast room of Tesco

they are optimistic about the trend of consumption upgrading in China, and more optimistic about the future of young consumers. Tesco has started to try more in the Chinese market and rarely in industrial production enterprises. At the end of September this year, Tesco Japan Pavilion, located in Shanghai Greenland global commodity trade port, was upgraded and built into a Japanese animation IP themed animation Pavilion. The drawback is that the timeliness is not high. Nearly 600 different types of hand-made animation pavilions appeared in the pavilion

"emphasizing experiential consumption to meet the consumption demands of Chinese young people is the key in the future." Fuluyong said

interestingly, while introducing Japanese products to China, Tesco also began to export Chinese products and services in reverse. A few months ago, Tesco Shixin concept flagship store landed in Osaka core business district, Japan, and also brought China's "red" tea brand, which won the love of Japanese young people

now, Tesco has a clear direction: vigorously develop online business for global consumers, carry out the transformation of local retail in Japan, and focus on the development of commercial layout in the Chinese market

American Yizi:

"the Chinese business has played a good exemplary role"

grain biscuits, brewing drinks without sugar, 30% sugar reduced chocolate, recyclable paper packaging, the first all black gum... At the third China International Fair, snacks also showed many innovative patterns

these products are all from Yizi international. As a global snack manufacturer with operations in 150 countries, this enterprise has also witnessed the resilience of the Chinese market

after the outbreak of the epidemic, the traditional retail channels have been affected to some extent, but it has not prevented Yizi China from achieving good performance. "Despite the challenge of the epidemic, the business of Yizi Greater China region in the first three quarters of this year still achieved growth, further enhancing our confidence in the sustainable development of the Chinese market." Said fengpude, chairman and CEO of Yizi international

it is understood that since the beginning of this year, the growth rate of Yizi Greater China has been much higher than the global level, and the proportion and importance of its business have also been increasing. For example, this year, the company's chewing gum brand xuanmai seized the opportunity of e-commerce business growth and jumped to the No. 1 position in the chewing gum category of tmall supermarket

according to fengpude, Yizi Greater China played a good role as a model during the epidemic. "Yizi's performance in Greater China has sent a message that the epidemic can be controlled, and we can still do business well. We have seen the normal supply chain, normal business and market share reach a record high."

in such a dynamic market, Yizi is also constantly trying new methods and launching new products

"we pay close attention to the emerging new trends and demands of snack consumption under the new normal of the epidemic." According to fan Ruisi, President of Yizi Greater China, they found that consumers are shopping more frequently through e-commerce this year. While their demand for food health is growing, they are also paying more and more attention to the high quality of products

in view of this, Yizi, on the one hand, launched unique packaging for e-commerce channels, and collected user feedback through online channels to provide direction for continuous innovation. It is understood that Yizi's sales in China's e-commerce channels are still growing. On the other hand, at the Expo site, carefully selected exhibits reflect health, weight control, sustainable raw material supply, packaging innovation, etc

"Yizi adheres to the strategy of giving priority to the local market and has established a complete localized industrial chain, which not only enables us to be closer to local consumers and respond quickly to new demands, but also seamlessly connects Yizi's global resources and advantages. We will continue to participate in and invest in China's development." Fengpude said

decathlon of France:

"fully feel the advantages of the Chinese market"

from late January to February, indoor fitness products became the main force of sales, and almost sold out as soon as they arrived at the store; The hottest item in March is trampoline; On the super brand day in April, badminton rackets were sold out in 10 minutes; In May, the sales volume of outdoor tents increased by about 40% year-on-year; In June, children's bicycles were "killed by parents and customers" every day; In July, 15 innovative products of 13 sports such as racing hiking, outdoor camping and aerobic fitness were launched in China... Looking back at the operation performance of decathlon in the Chinese market this year, it is almost a continuous burst of products

"as representatives of French enterprises developing in China, we directly face and serve Chinese consumers and have a deep understanding of the recovery of the Chinese market." Said BA Xuekai, senior vice president of decathlon China

it is reported that China is the world's first market for decathlon to resume production. In March, Decathlon has recovered 85% of its production capacity in China. At the same time, China is also the group's only manufacturer of masks in the world. Batches of masks are sent from here to the markets of countries mainly in Europe to help the global anti epidemic and resume production

"China is increasingly assuming the function of decathlon's global technology incubation. The Chinese market has rich cores and stronger anti risk ability, which is very important for us enterprises that rely on China and empower the world." BA Xuekai said

in a global upsurge of home epidemic prevention and fitness, the potential of China's sports market is highlighted. According to the data, the scale of China's sports market has reached the trillion level, and the number of sports enthusiasts is also gradually increasing, with a scale of nearly 500million. "The future of China's sports industry is very optimistic." BA Xuekai said that China's sports enthusiasts have a broad mass base. With the growing maturity of the market, people are willing to go out and try more updated sports types, and are eager to see different innovative products. Especially the "post-90s" are growing rapidly into the society, and they have stronger social awareness and professional fitness needs. "We are confident that the sports boom will continue."

in fact, Decathlon's inflatable kayak, which was just launched globally at the China International Fair on November 5, was sold out on the "double 11" day. The team urgently transferred global quotas to meet China's consumer demand

not long ago, Decathlon also announced that it would invest in the layout of the smart sports Logistics Innovation Laboratory in China, further increase the digital application of decathlon's new retail scene in China, and take China as an innovation base to promote the smart transformation and transformation of the global sports retail industry

"China will be the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth this year, and its open development also presents a diversified pattern. We fully feel China's advantages in highly integrating industrial chain resources, sharing factor markets and promoting integrated development. Decathlon will expand its investment in China and rely on China's rapid development. 1. ball screw: the ball screw and trapezoidal screw used in the electronic universal experimental machine currently have ball screw and trapezoidal screw exhibition markets. We will cooperate with colleagues in the industry to Win. " BA Xuekai said

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