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Businesses have raised the banner of "green energy conservation" and created an era of "more green, more money"

with the development of industry, the increasingly serious environmental pollution is inevitable, which makes more and more consumers prefer environmental protection products when shopping. Therefore, businesses have raised the banner of "green energy conservation" and created an era of "more green, more money"

the general trend of valve development: with the development of all aspects of oil fields and the booming market of power industry from thermal power below 300000 kW to 3 manufacturers, more economical and practical experimental machines are provided for customers. The development of thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power above 100000 kW should also change its performance and parameters according to the changes in equipment application fields. The urban construction system generally adopts a large number of low-pressure valves, and is developing towards environmental protection and energy conservation, that is, the low-pressure iron gate valve used in the past is gradually transferred to environmental protection type rubber plate valve, balance valve, metal seal butterfly valve and center line seal butterfly valve for continuous full-automatic transition. Oil and gas transmission projects are developing towards pipelining

energy saving and environmental protection of new hardware and bathroom products: large household water products - bathroom products have also become the primary problem of water saving, and more consumers are more willing to choose energy-saving bathroom hardware products. 1. High density connectors, coil racks, spools, sockets, etc; Loudspeaker vibrating plate and earphone switch in audio-visual device; Floppy disk, hard disk drive, copy and other parts in office equipment; However, many product technologies are not up to the standard. Consumers should try to choose well-known brands when purchasing water-saving sanitary ware. They should choose products with "China water-saving product certification", and the quality will be more guaranteed. In recent years, the state has vigorously implemented the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, and the concept of energy conservation has become more and more popular. Whether it is price regulation or propaganda and guidance, the concept of "water saving" has become more and more popular

strive to transform the industrial structure from energy intensive industries to capital, technology and knowledge intensive industries, and reduce the proportion of high energy consumption, high pollution and high convergence industries in the national economy. Low carbon fever in building hardware: with the arrival of low-carbon boom, the construction industry will adopt a large number of new materials with low-carbon technical characteristics. The market demand for new energy-saving and environment-friendly building hardware products will maintain a long-term growth trend. Construction hardware enterprises are bound to improve technological innovation, develop more energy-saving products, and strengthen resource conservation and environmental protection in the construction hardware industry

ge, IBM, abb, Siemens and Schneider have carried out green projects in all walks of life in China's B2B field, and have become an important growth point for their company's global development; Panasonic and Sony have not only become well-known brands in China's B2C field, but also become the pioneer of China's green economy. Both international giants and local rookies regard green transformation as a new opportunity for enterprise development, actively promote enterprise green innovation, and hope to gain competitive advantage over the same industry

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