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Boss, can you hire the best employees

a truly successful boss should hire the best employees at all costs

however, it is often difficult to grasp the standards and scales of excellence, especially in talent recruitment: it is difficult for the boss to capture the talents he thinks are excellent through interviews, which requires a lot of time, energy, money and other resources. In other words, shortness or haste in the recruitment process may cause you to hire some unqualified personnel

from this point of view, recruiting employees is the most risky work. No matter which employee you hire, it may pose a threat to your company, but you have to take the risk. Spend as much time as possible to get to know each candidate, try to understand their heart, see their image, what they are good at, how they express themselves in language, how good they are in writing, etc., and their application purpose

when recruiting employees, we should also pay attention to the relationship between employees' skills and attitudes. Skills are relatively easy to master. Similarly, it is not difficult to acquire knowledge. The difficulty is how to change a person's attitude. Therefore, those who have a positive attitude and are open-minded should be employed. At the same time, they should be honest and courageous. Work experience is necessary, but the important thing is that he should have the desire to succeed. These conditions can be found and mined from his previous work records and his performance in the interview

some advanced technologies, such as psychological testing, graphology and talent evaluation, can be used in recruitment, but they should be used carefully. Most bosses hire employees based on first impressions, but this approach is not absolutely credible. Don't expect an interview. First impressions are not credible. Gather several candidates together, take them for a walk and learn about their interests. Then ask more questions and let them tell you their goals and success stories. Give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to the host of some medium impact testing machines by using imported servo electromechanical and servo speed regulation systems and ball screws. Perhaps in this way, you will know who is the best candidate

when evaluating candidates, the more people involved, the more representative the results will be. It is best not to rely on your own judgment. It is often beneficial to listen to the opinions of your colleagues, employees and subordinates

if an enterprise wants to hire the best employees, it must meet the following conditions:

1 Ensure that the treatment you give your employees is satisfactory

2. Ensure that the personnel you recruit are really necessary

3 Can provide the best training

4. Once hired. Ensure that he is given full development space

5. Recruit from as wide a range as possible (various recruitment channels)

6 Act quickly

7. Use the most capable people to recruit the best people

8. Through other best external channels

another basic principle should be mastered in recruitment: who (the employing Department) recruits personnel and who (the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine of the employing Department) makes decisions. In other words, no one else can make choices for you. You have to undertake the scope of work you are responsible for, so you have the right to choose the personnel who will work for you. You can use others to help you make decisions, but the final decision is up to you

in order to provide the best service to customers and enhance the profitability of the company, you should hire the best people at all costs. One of the biggest challenges you face is to find the most suitable employees to join your work group. On the one hand, the right employees can make you feel relaxed and help customers. On the other hand, the right employees can make you continuously improve the treatment standards and pay high wages and other benefits, which is often difficult for enterprises (especially those in the early stage of Entrepreneurship)

finally, enterprises should retain the best employees. Often, due to the needs of the company at the time of measurement, you may suddenly recruit the best employees regardless of work. Once this situation is broken, you may no longer reuse the excellent employees in some aspects or lead to the resignation of employees. The results will have a negative impact on your future needs. In other words, the view of talent reserve is very important. When recruiting the best employees, do not be short-sighted and only focus on immediate interests. It is better to take the overall goal of reducing excess capacity by sight and coal even if it is completed

enterprise bosses, remember: the best employees need to be cared for and cultivated with the most sincere heart; Only when you are sincere can you get a thousand li horse! (end)

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