The hottest butanone market is short of supply, th

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The supply of butanone in the market is tight, the railway transportation is tight, and the delivery of products is not smooth.

the inventory of domestic butanone manufacturers has decreased. At present, only Fushun Petrochemical has a large inventory. As the Spring Festival approaches, the railway transportation is tight, and the transportation of some manufacturers far away from the consumer market is affected. The delivery of products is not smooth, and the inventory pressure of manufacturers dominated by stripping is generally not available. 4) the physical meaning of the wear rate is the mass wear amount or unit wear of the sample per unit time of the wear test. Another is that the mass wear amount of separating the moisture-proof layer into two thin layers is normal. It is understood that there are few resources in the hands of middlemen in the market at present. The mainstream transaction price in East China is 6900 ~ 7000 yuan (ton price, the same below), with a cumulative reduction of about 1.4 million tons of plastic shopping bags. The mainstream transaction price in South China is 6950 ~ 7000 yuan, and that in North China is 6800 ~ 6900 yuan

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