The hottest business opportunities of the WorldExp

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The 2010 WorldExpo in Shanghai has indeed brought great business opportunities to the printing enterprises in Shanghai, but it also poses challenges to the printing enterprises in Shanghai. It is understood that there are many printing businesses in Shanghai WorldExpo, but the competition is also very fierce. Some enterprises also plan to settle in the Expo Park. A printing enterprise boss, who asked not to be named, said that every printing business of the Expo took a long time to tighten the belt

in order to win these businesses, many enterprises have updated printing 320 sound-absorbing materials and component equipment, recruited new employees and invested a lot of money. WorldExpo weekly, the only national and multilingual publication of the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, co founded by the China foreign language and Culture Bureau and the Shanghai WorldExpo Bureau, was officially launched on April 8 and will issue 24 issues by November. Shanghai Jielong Art Printing Co., Ltd. undertook to print the publication. It is understood that the publication is available in three languages, namely, English and Japan. The printing volume of different versions is different, and the delivery time is also very tight, which is a big test for printing and binding

Shanghai Jielong Art Printing Co., Ltd. took only 4 days from order receiving, printing, binding to shipment. In addition, the highly anticipated map of Expo 2010 Shanghai China park is being printed by Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Co., Ltd. The map will be printed in 80million copies. It is understood that since the trial operation of the Shanghai WorldExpo, the organizers will distribute free of charge at the inner squares at the 8 entrances of the Expo Park and the 56 visitor service points set up in the park to ensure that each visitor has one copy. Some of them will also be printed in the official languages determined by the United Nations, such as Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and Alabama insqin, which set new standards for the sustainable development of textile materials, for the convenience of overseas visitors

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