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Quietly, the century business opportunity and huge battlefield of IOT

Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, in Taiwan Advantech's collaborative innovation and R & D center, the integration of a component has greatly improved, and a summit forum on smart agricultural innovation and technology application is being held

at present, there will be some manufacturers in the market.

as the main speaker of Advantech, caiqinan, general manager of Advantech industrial automation business group in China, started with the weight of only one SUV. He quoted the famous conclusion of Jim Rogers, an international famous investment expert and former co-founder of Quantum Fund: China's future is not in real estate, but in agriculture! Besides more than 80 system integrators from across the Taiwan Straits, representatives of China Mobile IOT and Microsoft China were also present

Kunshan, an attractive OEM city in East China; Among Advantech, the world's first industrial computer manufacturing enterprise, the topic of discussion is smart agriculture. It seems that people have captured the latest trend in the development of IOT

smart agriculture, emerging new battlefield

since the second half of 2013, with a large number of Internet enterprises having to conduct regular inspections (about 310 working days of normal use) to set foot in the field of agriculture and agricultural products, an invisible battlefield has gradually emerged in front of the public. From the earliest Chu Shijian growing oranges, to Yi dinglei raising pigs, Jingdong liuqiangdong growing rice, Lenovo liuchuanzhi selling blueberries, SOHO China's Panshiyi selling apples, to Alibaba and Jingdong's e-commerce going to the countryside, as well as LETV's recent march into agriculture and 360's promotion of reassuring rice, agriculture has suddenly become a hot spot for investors from a forgotten corner

in the tide of China's in-depth promotion of new urbanization, Internet giants have low-key cross-border agriculture, deployed troops and even directly planted agricultural products. Its internal business logic is worth pondering

zhaochunjiang, director of the national agricultural informatization engineering technology research center, cited a pair of data: in China, 39% of the rural labor force created 11.3% of GDP, which fully illustrates the relationship between the traditional backward mode of production in rural areas and the intensive labor force. However, with the continuous evolution of urbanization, land resources and rural labor force are more and more deeply separated. The lack of labor force will inevitably lead to the change of agricultural production mode, organization mode and business model. The retreat and advance of labor force and machinery, which contains a wide range of business opportunities

at the same time, the direct promotion at the policy level has also provided broad space for agricultural development: in recent years, the No. 1 central document of the Central Committee on rural issues and the relevant provisions of the State Council have put forward the feasibility of land scale operation and circulation; In terms of financial investment, the momentum of policy funds alone in the agricultural sector has reached 500billion

in addition to the trend of the times of the great changes in urban and rural areas, the continuous emergence of extreme weather, people's attention to food safety has also become an external factor of agricultural reform. The emergence of IOT applications, combined with new communication and industrial technologies, re integrated land resources and pioneered the agricultural market, which directly led to the emergence of smart agriculture

giant in the attack, the concept of industrial automation enterprise

IOT has gradually come into the public view, and the intelligent industry is in the ascendant. In B2C based fields such as intelligent hardware, the strong entry of Internet enterprises is bringing great challenges to the industry; One of the most important trends lurking in the upstream of IOT application chain and at the B2B end is that industrial automation enterprises began to frequently enter IOT and smart industries. Among them, there are not only Siemens, the electronic and electrical giant, Rockwell, the world's largest industrial automation and information company, but also Advantech, a leading enterprise in the global industrial computer industry

under the trend of industrial integration and cross-border, the boundaries of various industries are becoming increasingly blurred. Among them, whether Internet enterprises vigorously play with intelligent hardware, or industrial automation enterprises quietly enter the IOT and smart city are the footnotes of this trend. These two development clues have an intersection in smart agriculture. However, Internet and industrial automation giants still have different ideas on how to build smart agriculture

Internet enterprises pay more attention to the innovation of agricultural business model, and take healthy and organic agricultural products as the breakthrough point, build their own channels, and form a one-stop process from production base to transportation and sales. It is characterized by a high degree of industrial chain integration, but a small range of applications. Industrial automation enterprises pay more attention to the application of intelligent technology in agricultural production, with the two core concepts of improving the production efficiency of agricultural products and improving the green and pollution-free quality of agricultural products. Its characteristic is that it has the prospect of large-scale promotion of production mode, but it has not yet penetrated into the downstream of the agricultural industrial chain, and it mainly focuses on delivery applications. Enterprises do not directly carry out agricultural production

the form of industrial automation enterprises marching into smart agriculture is related to their inherent business model in the industrial field. However, it must be recognized that industrial automation enterprises have their natural technological advantages when applied to IOT and sub industries. This technical advantage corresponds to the three-tier architecture of IOT perception, network and application, which is very obvious, especially in perception and application control. The common gene of technology has become the foundation for industrial automation enterprises to step into IOT and even smart agriculture

technical cooperation and business alliance. Compared with other industrial automation enterprises, Advantech is one of the largest and most intense enterprises seeking enterprise transformation. Since 2010, Advantech has gradually transformed from an industrial automation enterprise to a collective enterprise after putting forward the corporate mission of promoting the smart earth

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