The hottest business is difficult to do. In 2020,

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It is difficult to do business. The mainstream price of polyacrylamide fell by nearly 10% in 2020.

. The epidemic situation stopped in the first quarter, the work was gradually resumed in the second quarter, and the market was light in the third quarter. After crossing the "golden nine and silver ten", the price rose slightly in the fourth quarter, and it has been shut down due to environmental protection requirements. According to the 100ppi data monitoring, polyacrylamide (CPAM, cation, molecular weight 12million, ionic degree) and the industry are working hard to develop a perfect cooling system. The energy and temperature level of each cooling system will not exceed one critical point. At the beginning of January, the mainstream quotation was 5950 yuan/ton for a frugal energy. On December 29, the mainstream quotation in China was about 14500 yuan/ton, a sharp drop of 9.09% annually; The price of 15950 yuan/ton on January 1 was also the highest price of the year. The lowest price appeared on July 31, only 13566.67%, and the annual maximum amplitude was 14.94%

the monthly market of Polyacrylamide in 2020 is as follows:

during the Spring Festival holiday in January to February 20, relevant enterprises in the main production areas stopped production and delayed resumption of work. After February 20, the manufacturers in the main production areas gradually returned to work. In March, the logistics returned to normal, mainly consuming inventory. In April, the manufacturer's survival was normal, and the manufacturer's inventory was high due to the partial reduction of raw material costs and weak demand. On May 6, the national high-speed recovery charge, the price of raw materials such as acrylonitrile rose, the ex factory price of polyacrylamide did not change much, and the inventory was large; With the upstream propylene of acrylonitrile rising in the chain relationship of "propylene PP melt blown cloth mask" industry jg/t 3054 ⑴ 999, the production capacity of acrylonitrile manufacturers decreased this month, which directly led to the firmness of acrylonitrile prices. In July, the price of acrylonitrile was reduced significantly, the cost of polyacrylamide was reduced, some enterprises lowered the price of products, and rebounded in the second half of the month, but the manufacturer's price did not change significantly; In fact, most manufacturers hoard raw materials, and their purchase cost determines the price cost. In August, acrylonitrile continued to rebound slightly, and then continued to stabilize. After a slight shock in September, it remained stable, and the magnitude of the shock was insignificant. There was no obvious increase in demand. In October, the prosperity of the industry was improved, but the price changes of different water treatment products were quite different. The ex factory price of polyaluminum chloride was increased due to the rise of raw material and fuel prices. The total increase reached 7% in September and October. Although the price of polyacrylamide raw material was also increased, its market price was not as obvious as that of polyaluminum chloride. In November, facing the heating season, the environmental protection requirements were strict. Affected by this, polyacrylamide manufacturers almost stopped production at this time of the year, and acrylonitrile rose sharply in the same month; The downstream demand is weak, the upstream cost is high, the pressure of polyacrylamide manufacturers is large, and the prices are frequently raised, but the increase range is not very large. In December, the polyacrylamide manufacturer stopped production, the demand for raw material acrylonitrile was weakened, and the price of acrylonitrile was quickly recalled; In addition, the water treatment plant stops production, the supply is fixed, the spot inventory is consumed little by little with the demand, some supply sources are in shortage, and the price will naturally rise, that is, the price this month is mainly affected by the supply situation

to sum up, it will be difficult for the water treatment industry in 2020. The manufacturer thinks that this year is worse than in previous years. As for the future, the current macroeconomic environment is relatively complex, the domestic economy is good, but the international situation is grim. Under such conditions, the demand side is comprehensively affected by many factors. In general, it is unlikely that the price of acrylonitrile will change significantly in the near future. After the downstream users of water treatment finished stocking up years ago, the demand will weaken. Whether the manufacturers in the main production areas can resume production depends on the specific requirements of environmental protection. There are many uncertain factors at present. If they continue to stop production, some prices will rise slightly, but the overall strength is not large, and the overall market is still stable

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