12 super cute ornaments will carry the Mori style

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Cute home decorations are loved by many girls. The ever-changing colors and various cute shapes can add a touch of vibrant temperament to the home. Next, Xiaobian has carefully selected 12 kinds of Mori series small ornaments. Come and find your heart, OK

Mori series is a fashion trend and a leisurely attitude towards life. Let Mori series elements be integrated into home life, and you can appropriately use some small furnishings, which do not need to be placed in the most eye-catching place. Even in a small corner, they can also show the most natural charm, with small fresh breath all over the home

recommendation 1: cute decorative ornaments for small houses

price: 3.8-4.8 yuan

brand: if

shopping guide reason: this small ornament is the shape of small houses, including castles, coffee houses, churches, chimney houses, warm houses and other styles, with unique shapes and very cute. The color of the ornaments is warm and full of Mori style. They are placed in the corner of the home, low-key but charming

recommendation 2: looking up at the sky cute little ornaments

price: 18.8-19.8 yuan

brand: if

shopping guide reason: a set of cute doll resin ornaments of the cure department, with various styles, cute and vivid shapes, and full of vitality. This desktop ornament is made of resin, with moist color and delicate texture. Multiple decorations can be grouped into different arrangement shapes, as you like

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