Margo customized 15 modern simple bedroom designs

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Today, Margo full house customization brings you 15 modern simple bedroom designs. Are you ready, folks? Please see ↓

how to design the bedroom to be beautiful and comfortable

today, little Lanma recommends 15 high-value modern simple bedroom designs

dear friends, are you ready? Please see ↓

gentle colors create a gentle space. The bedroom creates a reading space. Simple desks, chairs and shelving can meet the needs of residents

the bedroom has good lighting, comfortable and transparent. For convenience, the cabinet is designed according to the residents' habits, with less hanging and more stacking, striving to create a comfortable living space

the bedroom is elegant and warm, and the two beds are placed side by side. Two wardrobes, two sets of tables and chairs, reasonable distribution. The balcony is included in the plan, and the small wardrobe and activity area are designed to meet the use needs

on both sides of the bed head of the bedroom, vertical storage cabinets are designed to place decorations and commonly used items, so as to create a good visual beauty in the form of embedding, which is a choice with both beauty and practicality

put the top and open the wardrobe, stick to the wall and lift the design, eliminate too many design skills, simple and pleasing to the eye, reasonable storage layout, and expand the visual space

the fashionable space has simple lines, the high-grade gray design is fashionable and soft, and the soft decoration of gold, warm orange and emerald green creates a modern feeling

the tatami bedroom has more storage space, which is enough to store more clothes and books. It has better lighting, which is suitable for families with children and gives children independent space

the bedroom integrates learning and rest. The desk and wardrobe meet daily storage. The wardrobe can be used as a multi-function cabinet to store clothes, children's books, schoolbags and other appliances

the simple and elegant tone and transparent environment give people a fresh and simple feeling. The sliding door design of the wardrobe is convenient to take, so that the bedside cabinet can also be maximized

the tatami, bookcase and wardrobe in the bedroom form a whole, which fully shows the sense of customization of the whole room, meeting the unity of style and the needs of life storage

the right lemon yellow embellishment avoids the boredom and dullness of the space. Black lines echo the theme, interesting three-dimensional shapes and rich geometric patterns, making children's world more colorful

the bedroom adopts warm white + wild white oak to create a light, simple and elegant living space, and the whole wall wardrobe meets the requirements of large capacity storage. Desk and bookcase are integrated to meet the needs of learning and storage.

the bedroom is designed with a sliding door cabinet, which covers a small area and is convenient to use. The functions in the cabinet are relatively complete. The clothes hanging area and folding area are designed in the cabinet

the cement colored walls have a simple sense of lines, and the plane composition of pioneer spirit is skillfully integrated into the three-dimensional space design, and the balance of colors is also the ultimate

the relationship among bedding, accessories and decorative paintings in this bedroom increases vertically, with blue and pink adjustment, which is filled with tenderness and delicacy, and looks like a dreamland under the halo of sunlight

is the bedroom design above amazing

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