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Diatom mud is a new kind of material, which is relatively environmentally friendly, can reduce the occurrence of formaldehyde, and can also prevent fire, remove bacteria and odor. It is a very ideal indoor decorative material in modern times

diatom mud is the most environmentally friendly interior wall coating at present. It does not contain substances harmful to human body, but also absorbs formaldehyde in the air. In addition, diatom mud will not burn in case of fire, that is, it will not release dense smoke, which also has a great guarantee for human life safety. The following editor will introduce the shortcomings of diatom mud and the matching skills of diatom mud

diatom mud shortcomings

1. It is not resistant to dirt

diatom mud is mostly light and elegant colors. In families with children, it is easy to leave all kinds of stains such as children's playing fingerprints and footprints. Although it is said on the Internet that it can be wiped off with an eraser, many netizens also report that this method is not effective

2. You can't scrub

ceramic tiles or many wall paints are waterproof. If the walls of your home are dirty, you can wipe them directly with a wet rag. However, the structure of diatom mud itself is a nano honeycomb structure, and its adsorption is 300 times higher than that of activated carbon. Once you wipe it with water, it may be directly adsorbed into the molecular structure and can't play the role of cleaning. In addition, diatom mud is “ Mud ”, Because of nature, you can't scrub with water. Once the wall is dirty, you can't choose to scrub with water

3. No waterproof

diatom mud has strong water absorption due to its own structure, but it is not waterproof. It cannot be used in places that are too wet, such as kitchens and toilets, which are easy to be wet and cannot be decorated with diatom mud. At this time, the limitation of diatom mud decoration

4. Clean regularly.

diatom mud itself can absorb and decompose dust and other harmful substances in the air. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will change the color of the wall and make the home environment dirty, so diatom mud walls should be cleaned frequently

5. Poor hand feeling

diatom mud feels rough, uneven, and smooth without paint. For people who like the smooth hand feeling of the wall, diatom mud is slightly inferior

6. The designs and colors are not rich enough

compared with the rich designs and colors, active colors and changeable shapes of wallpaper, the texture patterns of diatom mud are monotonous and not rich enough

7. Poor hardness

diatom mud is “ Mud ”, Its hardness can't be compared with that of ceramic tiles. According to netizens, diatom mud with poor quality will break into pieces and fall off after being collided

8. The price is more expensive

compared with latex paint, the price of diatom mud is relatively high, generally more than 300 or 400 yuan per square meter. Ordinary working class will not choose such expensive materials for home decoration due to economic conditions, so it is the stuff of rich people in the words of netizens

matching skills of diatom mud I

light color is generally used for the top surface: light color makes people feel light, and dark color makes people feel heavy. Usually, the treatment of the room is mostly from top to bottom, from shallow to deep. For example, the ceiling and wall of the room adopt white and light colors, the wainscot adopts white and light colors, and the skirting line adopts dark colors, which will give people a sense of stability that the top is light and the bottom is heavy. On the contrary, the top is deep and the bottom is shallow, which will give people a sense of depression that the head is heavy and the feet are light

matching skills of diatom mud II

choose the color according to the direction of the room: the room facing east darkens earlier because it gets the sunlight the earliest and leaves the earliest, so it is often the safest to use a light warm color; The south facing room has the longest sunshine time, and the use of cold colors often makes people feel more comfortable, and the effect of the room is also more charming; Due to the influence of the strongest sunset in the day, the room facing west likes to use deep cool colors, which seems more comfortable; The room facing north has no direct sunlight, so you should tend to use warm colors when choosing colors, and the chromaticity should be light

matching skills of diatom mud III

choose the color according to the purpose of the room: the purpose of the room often determines the effect you want to create. The living room should appear bright, relaxed or warm and comfortable, while the restaurant can use dark colors. Corridors and hallways only serve as passageways, so colors can be used boldly. The style of the bedroom is completely determined by the taste of different people

matching skills of diatom mud IV

choose color according to the shape of the room: color can change people's feeling of the shape of the room to a certain extent. For example, cool colors can make the lower ceiling look higher and narrow rooms wider. Using dark colors on the far wall of the room will make the wall move forward. Similar effects can change the appearance of any room

diatom mud identification

1. Look at

real diatom mud is processed with pure natural inorganic pigments and unique technology. The color is soft, evenly distributed, and presents a matte color. It has the effect of mud surface, lasting for a long time and does not fade. It can remain unchanged for more than 20 years

2. Touch

the real diatom mud does not add any chemical adhesive, so it greatly maintains the “ Mud properties ”, It feels delicate and has the feeling of pine. False “ Diatom mud ” Because of the addition of chemical agents such as adhesives, it feels rough and hard, and its texture pattern is rigid and aesthetic

3. Wipe

after the construction of high-quality diatom mud, the construction personnel will deal with the floating ash on the surface, touching it with their hands, fine and smooth

4. Burned diatom mud can be fireproof and flame retardant. It is a thermal insulation material. Diatom mud has only a melting point but no ignition point, and can withstand 1700 ℃ high temperature. In case of fire, it is difficult to burn, does not smoke, and has no peculiar smell

5. After sucking

high quality diatom mud and spraying water, wait for it to dry naturally, and wipe it gently with your hands, so that there will be no powder and color loss, otherwise the stability of diatom mud will be questionable

6. Call

the specific gravity of real diatom mud is very light. If a large number of stones are mixed, the specific gravity will increase. There is a heavy feeling at first, which indicates that the content of diatomite is low, and the lighter the diatomite mud is, the higher the diatomite content is

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the shortcomings of diatom mud and the matching skills of diatom mud. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information




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