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In the pursuit of quality life, many consumers will consider installing wooden floors to improve the overall aesthetics when decorating their houses. When we buy Flooring, we often find advertisements for elephant flooring, but we don't know the price and quality of elephant wood flooring. Next, Xiaobian will take you to know more about the holy elephant wood flooring. By the way, I will share a price list of holy elephant wood flooring for you. Interested friends can come in and learn about it

how about the statue wood floor

1 Shengxiang group is a flagship enterprise in China's wood flooring industry, with many honors, such as China's well-known trademark, China's famous brand, national inspection exemption, and China's environmental label certification. As of 2010, the cumulative sales volume of icon flooring has exceeded 200million square meters, ranking first in the sales volume of similar products for 15 consecutive years. In 2011, the “ Top 500 Chinese brands ” In, the brand value of Saint elephant increased to 12.135 billion, ranking 85th, and ranked first in the building materials industry for seven consecutive years

2. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Shanghai, Shengxiang group has been the first seller in China for 15 consecutive years. Shengxiang has become the recognized first brand of wood flooring in China. In the future, it will gradually enter the field of other home building materials and become the first brand of home building materials with the most popularity, reputation and loyalty in China. After 15 years of full growth, with unremitting efforts and indomitable spirit, Shengxiang has created unprecedented brilliant achievements in China's flooring industry

3. Icon has 40 branches across the country and 3000 franchised stores with unified authorization and unified image all over China. In early 2010, the holy elephant entered Taobao Mall. So far, icon has become the first in the floor sales of Taobao Mall, one of the brand malls with the highest reputation and credibility, and has opened the first icon Taobao physical store in Beijing! At present, the holy elephant has 5million happy and satisfied loyal users. In addition, the holy elephant also has the first Nationally Certified flooring laboratory in the industry

price list of icon wood floor

1 Holy elephant floor Silver Valley fairy sg1210 price: ¥ 338

2 Holy elephant floor shengshihuatang sg1236 price: ¥ 301

3 Saint elephant flooring Paris oak ts5113 price: ¥ 248

4 Elephant floor Seville catalpa ks6195 price: ¥ 296

5 Holy elephant floor Tangning longan ks8198 price: ¥ 316

6 The price of Milan round beans ks8196 of the holy elephant floor: ¥ 328

installation of wood floor

1. The wood floor cannot be bought and paved immediately. It should be unpacked and placed in the new house for a period of time before paving, so that the wood floor can adapt to the new environment

2. Don't think that the wood floor can't contain water. In fact, without water, the wood floor becomes very hard, and the feeling under your feet is different, so you should keep the water content of the wood floor at about 14%. Of course, this is checked by professional tools

3. A certain gap should be reserved between the wooden grating and the ground base (we have been taught in the primary school textbooks, and we should know how to leave a seam) to ensure that the air inside the whole earth dragon is unobstructed. Do not use cement mortar to pile plugs to fix the wooden grating, but use wood wedges to firmly fix the wooden grating on the ground with nails

4. Before laying the wooden floor, the wooden grating should be cleaned and sprinkled with moisture-proof powder and insect proof powder. This is to prevent insects from eroding the material of the wood floor and damaging the structure of the wood floor

5. The nails for nailing the wooden floor must use fried dough twist nails. First drill holes obliquely at the tongue and groove (the holes should be perpendicular to the length direction of the floor strip), and then nail them into the wooden grille, otherwise it is easy to cause the wooden floor to loosen in the process of use

editor's summary: that's all for the price list of icon wood flooring. Is everyone clear? If you want to know more information about the icon wood floor, please continue to pay attention, and more wonderful content will be presented in the follow-up





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