Relationship between ink quantity and dot expansio

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Relationship between water, ink amount and dot expansion

on the offset press, the inking device can not only apply ink on the printed image, but also perform other functions, such as homogenizing ink to improve its activity performance, receiving wetting liquid to emulsify it with ink. The above factors will expand the influence point. The thicker the ink layer provided by the ink roller system, the more non directional points expand

the wetting system supplies water-based wetting solution to the printing plate, which is used to quickly and completely distinguish the image and non image parts on the printing plate. The operator must maintain a balance between water supply and ink supply. If there is too much water supply, the paper packaging industry will usher in a new turn, which may reduce the viscosity of ink and increase the degree of expansion

although electronic prepress technology, laser image and text output technology and optical density measurement technology provide some means for control point expansion, the complexity of lithography process and rapid technological changes will still bring trouble to printers. Therefore, understanding how, where and how to control point expansion will certainly help printers obtain high-quality prints

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