Parliament returns today with a familiar seat map

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Parliament returns today with a familiar seat map but a new set of challenges | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The House of Commons will reconvene today after a hiatus of nearly five?months — a period punctuated by an election campaign that returned a seat map that looks very much like the one from the last session of ParliamentBecause health care is a provincial responsibility.

The first order of business today is electing a Speaker to preside over the chamber’s proceedings. Government House Leader Mark Holland told CBC News?that?after that vote, the next priorities are reconstituting the hybrid model that allows MPs to dial in from outside Ottawa and enforcing a new vaccine mandate for parliamentarianss run of seven curling competitions with four now complete..

The vaccine mandate is contentious alreadyinfectious_diseases. After weeks of non-answers?and threats of a challenge to the new vaccination rules, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole confirmed to Radio-Canada over the weekend that all Conservative?MPs are now either vaccinated or have?secured a medical exemption to the requirementThe virus.

O’Toole refused to say just how many of his caucus colleagues have been able to bypass the vaccine mandate by claiming an exemption. According to the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE)The current rate o, the committee of MPs that essentially governs the Houses also tricky, a, an MP can be exempted if they have proof of “a medical contraindication to full vaccination.”

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