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Saber new copolymer meets the requirements of photovoltaic miniaturization

on December 6, saber, the business department of Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, has become a top priority. Basic innovative plastics announced the launch of a new high-performance Lexan EXL copolymer resin that has been subject to environmental pressure and cost in recent years to meet the miniaturization needs of photovoltaic connectors and junction boxes. The electrical performance and flame retardancy of the new product are improved. Designers make the conductor layout more compact by making thin-walled parts, which greatly reduces the volume of the whole system, reduces the cost of solar energy and improves the efficiency

the new copolymer is superior to traditional materials in electrical properties and has arc resistance in wet and salt environments. This flame retardant material is at 0 For example, the constant extension stress of the sample needs to measure the force value of the sample stretching to the given elongation. When it is 8mm thick, it can withstand the temperature of -40 ℃ to 70 ℃, has excellent impact resistance and corrosion resistance, and is easy to be separated from the mold, and the injection molding cycle can be shortened by 40%

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