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SABIC develops new pet and HDPE resins for packaging. SABIC is one of the world's major polymer manufacturers, producing 7.2 million tons of polymers last year. SABIC is a single manufacturer and supplier of polymer resin products with the most complete range in the world. It is also one of the few companies in the world that produce all five most widely used thermoplastic resins

saber has invested a lot of resources in the research and development of plastic manufacturing technology, aiming to increase product types, improve quality and output, reduce costs and protect the environment

new pet products make water containers clearer

bulk water containers usually have a capacity of five gallons or more and are often used in offices, tea rooms and even homes. In the process of water packaging, how to increase its clarity to show its pure water quality is very important. The standard PET resin used in most beverage packaging is generally not suitable for the production of this kind of water bottle because of its fast crystallization rate and large crystals, which makes the water bottle lose its clarity

Saber's research and Technology Department has developed a new pet variety, which has a slow crystallization rate and can provide crystal clarity. This compound is SABIC (R) pet bc-113

sabic (R) pet bc-113 is a semi crystalline high molecular weight thermoplastic polymer, which is processed by continuous melt polymerization and solid-state polymerization

compared with two kinds of polymer resins commonly used in the manufacture of five gallon water containers at present, including polycarbonate (PC) resin with high cost and polypropylene (PP) resin with poor clarity, SABIC (R) pet B is 91.5% c-113 in the same month last year, providing far superior clarity, no odor and excellent drop impact strength. It is also a low-cost substitute for polycarbonate resin. Compared with other packaging materials, it has cost advantages, so it can reduce the cost of manufacturers

establish a new standard in the field of long shelf life milk packaging

for many years, high density polyethylene (HDPE) has been widely used in dairy packaging. It is the only material that can be used to pack pasteurized milk, ultra-high temperature treated milk and sterilized milk

milk with long shelf life has extremely strict packaging requirements. I hope it can help you. Milk must be protected from ultraviolet radiation, and HDPE packaging bottles cannot react with milk

in response to these strict requirements, SABIC (R) HDPE b6246ls special product has been developed by SABIC. Its unique design perfectly combines the superior appearance with the high hardness and impact resistance of the bottle. In addition, due to the small difference between raw material batches, it also has excellent processing performance

SABIC (R) HDPE b6246ls is adopted and properly mixed, processors and manufacturers can expect to save a lot of costs. HDPE b6246ls is a colorless particle, which allows the processor to find the best balance between the cost and the color required by each specific COMAC to organize SAIC, SAIC and Beijing Research Center. Compared with pre mixed resins, proper color mixing has taken an important step in reducing the overall packaging cost

many well-known processors and end users in the dairy industry have successfully adopted SABIC (R) HDPE b6246ls

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