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Saber basic innovative plastics purchases the rhemax product line

Shanghai, China - April 29, 2009 - in order to further highlight and strengthen its long-term commitment to the North American automotive industry, saber basic innovative plastics officially announced today that it will purchase the rhemax product line of rhetech, Inc. located in whitemore Lake, Michigan. According to the terms of the agreement, rhetech will be the incoming processor of Saber's innovative plastic stamax*lgfpp (long glass fiber polypropylene) resin material, which was launched in North America in September 2008. Through this acquisition, saber basic innovative plastics can quickly meet the local production needs of North American automobile OEMs and sub suppliers

"we believe that the North American automotive industry plays an important role in the design and development of global automobiles. Further consolidating our position as a leading supplier and meeting the global specification requirements of customers through local production is the development strategy of saber basic innovative plastics, while expanding the production of stamax composites in North America and the purchase of rhemax product line this time are two important aspects of this development strategy." Gregadams, vice president of saber basic innovative plastic automotive division, said. "Even in the current economic downturn, saber basic innovative plastics still insists on investing in products and services to ensure that our business helps improve customers' global competitiveness in the future. Our original product portfolio has been very comprehensive, and now with the addition of stamaxlgfpp composites, customers have a wider range of materials to choose from, which can help them reduce costs, carry out innovation and make their cars from Stand out from many competitors. "

"this is a win-win situation for both parties and customers." Johnlevinson, President and chief operating officer of rhetech, said, "saber basic innovative plastics has quickly obtained products and production capacity in North America, and its customers have also obtained global products and supply bases. Therefore, R carefully analyzes the situation, and HETECH can reinvest and reconfigure its resources, so as to provide customers with new products and technologies in its core business polyolefin composites."

according to this agreement, the existing rhemax products will be integrated into the stamax resin product line, and Zhang Jianping said that he would use this product to remove the name of the folding equipment plate under the beam. The product formula will remain unchanged to ensure the continuation of the original properties and performance of stamax resin material. This transaction only involves rhemax product line. Rhetech will continue to provide its customers with other excellent composite polyolefin products and services

The properties of stamaxlgfpp resin material have been significantly improved. For example, compared with traditional materials, its density has been reduced to become a very dazzling utilization industry%. Therefore, the weight of components is lighter, the surface finish is better than that of short glass fiber products with in mold coloring, and the processing performance is also higher

brings unique advantages to automotive structural applications

stamaxlgfpp composite is made of polypropylene (PP) matrix resin and long glass fiber, which has high strength and dimensional stability, as well as good liquidity of thin-walled parts. If light weight and functional integration are required in applications, the use of these materials can make the design simple. These applications include front-end module (FEM), door module, instrument panel, center console, underbody panel, seat system, liftgate and tailgate

these composites are widely used by European automobile manufacturers to replace steel in key structural components. Most European cars use an average of 5 pounds of stamaxlgfpp composites. These materials are now available to North American automakers. These materials are light in weight, which can improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. In addition, they can also reduce system costs through optimized design and more efficient production cycle

for various specific applications, stamaxlgfpp composites can provide the following advantages:

front end module: using stamaxlgfpp composites to replace steel can significantly reduce the weight of components (the weight is reduced from pounds (kilograms) when using steel to only pounds (kilograms)). In addition, full composite front-end modules without metal reinforcement can also be developed

instrument panel (IP): stamax composite material can reduce the total thickness of the instrument panel framework from 2.2mm of traditional materials to 1.8mm, thus reducing the weight of the car by pounds (kilograms). Another key advantage is component integration. For example, the instrument panel frame or the airbag deployment slot in the center console can be integrated with the instrument panel structure, or the instrument panel beam can be partially integrated into the instrument panel structure

rear tailgate and liftgate: compared with steel, the use of stamax composite can reduce the weight by 9 to 13 pounds (kg), and can be integrated with lexan* polycarbonate glass to create a lightweight but durable collection

door structure: compared with steel, stamax can reduce the weight by up to 9 pounds (4 kg)

at present, stamaxlgfpp composites are sold globally through the automotive business team of saber basic innovative plastics

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