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Saber basic innovative plastic resin promotes the cause of environmental protection

yesterday, robinsonhomeproducts, a leader in the kitchen utensils industry with many well-known brands (such as Oneida, sunbeam, Rubbermaid and crockpot), used valoxiq* environmental protection resin of saber basic innovative plastic in the new Greentree plastic kitchen utensils product series. Valoxiq resin is more environmentally friendly and of higher quality than traditional resin. It uses waste polyethylene terephthalate (PET) water bottles again according to the performance and requirements of the flexible packaging film, so as to reduce the number of landfill of waste plastic bottles. In addition, with its excellent performance and quality, this innovative product can well meet the different needs of customers for kitchenware. For example, Greenstreet plastic kitchenware series products have heat resistance and chemical resistance, the food contact permit of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA checks whether the oil hole of the buffer is blocked) and beautiful appearance. Saber basic innovative plastics' contribution to sustainable development technology has also been through turning the sensor to input the angle signal into the plotter. Investment has helped companies such as robinsonhomeproducts, a customer who has cooperated for more than 30 years, achieve commercial success while promoting environmental protection

Bobskerker, CEO of Robinson home products, commented: "Since we started to build a new series of environmentally friendly household utensils, we have considered every link of the manufacturing cycle, including choosing a nearby injection molding plant that can generate electricity by itself and manufacturing products in the United States, so as to reduce the environmental impact caused by transporting nearly 12000 miles from Asia to the United States. In order to find sustainable thermoplastics suitable for our Greenstreet series, we went to saberky, a long-term cooperative supplier of engineering plastics Seek solutions based on innovative plastics. Valoxiq resin is very important to improve the market attractiveness of new kitchenware, which is conducive to consolidating our leading position in environmental protection and further expanding our business. "

Dennisvanpoppelen, head of the Americas product market for saber basic innovative plastics, said: "Our valoxiq resin has a wide range of uses, from reducing the weight of car body panels to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, to reusing waste plastics into practical household utensils. This resin has promoted the sustainable development of a series of cutting-edge areas. At present, we are investing in the development of a series of sustainable solutions in other areas, aimed at providing customers with more choices to reduce the impact of their products on the environment. Do not Undoubtedly, our customers will continue to fully support us in developing low-carbon products with excellent performance. "

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nowadays, more and more customers require to further reduce the impact of products on the environment, and valoxiq resin can meet this demand. 65% of this innovative resin is made of recycled post consumer plastics, and its carbon emissions are% lower than other engineering thermoplastics, extending the service life of PET plastic bottles to 20 years. Valoxiq resin product series includes cradle to cradlesm certified specifications. The materials of this specification are safe and healthy materials that can be completely used in the closed-loop system of (continuous) recycling, so as to eliminate waste

in addition to excellent sustainability, valoxiq resin also provides excellent performance that can match Robinson's excellent reputation. It meets the demanding environmental requirements of home kitchens, including exposure to detergent, grease, and high temperatures (up to 205 degrees Celsius/401 degrees Fahrenheit) in cooking and automatic dishwashers. It can also customize colors according to customers' needs, and can be easily injected into unique and complex three-dimensional shapes, such as the distinctive dendritic design of Greentree kitchenware

robinson's Greenstreet products have been launched worldwide

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