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SABIC expands Lexan multi-layer sheet production capacity in India

on May 29, SABIC's innovative plastics business unit announced its capacity investment in India at the 2012 India International Roof Materials Expo (booth B31), once again demonstrating its strong strength in promoting customers to achieve long-term business success. The company's plant in valdora, India, will create a top-notch lexan* multilayer plate production line to supply these high-performance materials quickly and stably for customers in India and even the whole Asia. SABIC high performance lexanthermoclear* multilayer polycarbonate (PC) sheet is mainly used as roof and lighting materials in the construction and greenhouse industries. This new production line will help meet the growing demand of customers in this region for this product

the new Lexan multilayer plate production line, together with the local professional technical team and the complete supply chain and distribution organization, has further expanded SABIC's extensive service capacity in the region. This investment also shows that SABIC is actively committed to developing and delivering customized solutions according to customers' specific needs, and helps them occupy a place in their respective market fields with the world's leading technical service capabilities

"the new Lexan thermoclear plate product line proves that SABIC's rich product series are available all over the world, so customers can benefit from SABIC's shorter delivery cycle and expanded product supply to better support commercial and residential construction projects," said Sanjiv Vasudeva, head of SABIC's innovative plastics South Asia plate and film business. "From stadiums and gymnasiums to railway stations, many landmark buildings around the world have shown people the high performance, aesthetics and design freedom of Lexan multi-storey panels, which also shows that SABIC has always been determined to forge ahead and actively seek better ways to serve customers."

through a large amount of investment and development in infrastructure construction, especially in the fields of commercial and industrial roofs (such as airports, railway stations, subway stations, bus stations, shopping malls and hospitals), India's economy has maintained a strong growth momentum of 7% to 9% per year. The company's new products in valdora reflect SABIC's original culture. They mainly produce high-quality double-sided UV resistant Lexan thermoclear multilayer plates for roof, lighting and cladding materials. These transparent materials can be customized in color

the most advanced production equipment

the expanded valdora factory has a world-class quality assurance process, including a unique UV resistant coating system and a coating measurement and color measurement system. The company strategically located the plant near SABIC's special high-performance resin blending production line, so as to speed up application research and development and color customization

lexan multilayer board products are widely recognized in the world

lexan thermoclear multilayer board products are widely used thermoplastic lighting materials, which have been widely used in the fields of roof, cladding and lighting for more than 30 years. Compared with glass, lexanthermoclear plate has lighter weight and high stiffness, and its impact resistance is more than 250 times that of glass. Therefore, it can more effectively reduce the risk of fracture caused by wind, hail, other bad weather and man-made damage. After the mold temperature increases, it is necessary to check the action of each part again

the advent of Lexan multi-layer board reflects SABIC's efforts to launch high-end lighting materials and set a new standard for the industry. This kind of lighting material is easy to install, which reduces the insurance cost caused by weather damage. At the same time, it also reduces the need for replacement due to UV degradation, weathering and fracture. All indicators that help to resolve excess capacity will be broken down to provincial government customers to improve the return on investment

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