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SABIC has developed and launched a new type of vertical edge joint technology for plates

recently, SABIC's business unit, SABIC innovative plastics, launched lexapanel polycarbonate (PC) plate vertical edge joint technology, which will provide architects and construction personnel with extraordinary flexibility to build environmentally friendly and beautiful translucent roofs and other lighting applications

the lexapanel polycarbonate plate vertical joint technology developed by SABIC in cooperation with amerilux international can create a translucent roof

lexapanel plate is the company and ameriluxi NTE. So do you know how to protect and maintain the bellows replacement experimental machine? What skills are used? Now let's learn about the products jointly developed by bNational Co., Ltd. with Xiaobian 1. The Lexan panel vertical edge seam system can connect Lexan multilayer panel of various length and width sizes by selecting connectors, including U-shaped, tongue and groove connections and customized forms

translucent Lexan multi-layer PC lighting products provide customers and end users with many advantages: in terms of environment, this solution can reduce the energy consumption for heating and cooling, and reduce the demand for artificial lighting Jinan assay MWe (4) 0 hydraulic wood universal experimental machine; It is light, which helps to reduce fuel use and exhaust emissions during transportation; This material is durable, impact resistant and strong, which can ensure safety, and meets the smoke and combustion rating of CC1 (astmd635) and class A (ASTME-84); Lexan board is coated with special ultraviolet (UV) coating on both sides, which has excellent outdoor weather resistance; The lexapanel panel system also simplifies the installation process, reduces construction time, reduces system costs, and increases the total amount of light from the roof by using snap connections and eliminating aluminum connectors

the lexapanel polycarbonate panel vertical seam technology developed by SABIC in cooperation with amerilux international can create a translucent roof

in addition to the roof, the lexapanel panel vertical edge seam system can also be used for many other types of lighting applications, such as walkways, ceilings, skylights and shelters based aluminum industry development direction pulse consultation

Jack govers, general manager of saber basic innovative plastic special films and plates, said: "As a major innovation, lexapanel plate, based on the concept of multi-function, has solved many problems that perplex the construction industry, such as cost and design freedom. Our cooperation with Ameri lux will make the use of vertical edge joint design easier, promote the integration of translucent daylighting and roof elements, let natural light enter, reduce heating and cooling needs, so as to improve energy efficiency and enhance the beauty of buildings, and make architects and construction People and integrators benefit. "

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