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Saber launched the expanded post consumer recycling resin product series

post consumer recycling (PCR) component material product series

recently, saber basic innovative plastics grandly launched the expanded post consumer recycling (PCR) component material product series at booth d42, hall 6, K Exhibition 2010. This comprehensive product series has more than 25 product specifications, covering 6 resin series, which helps customers design a variety of more sustainable products. This product series includes new cycoloy*pcr filled and unfilled star high-tech experienced flame retardant (FR) resin, the first open-loop noryl*classicopcr resin, and three new specifications of lexan*exl resin. This expanded product line is derived from the award-winning valoxiq*, xenoyiq* and lexan*exl8414 resins of saber based innovative plastics

"actively expanding post consumer recycling activities is the primary task of saber basic innovative plastics. These newly expanded resin products have injected new vitality into our sustainability solution product series," said robertmckay, manager of saber basic innovative plastics sustainability business department, "Overcoming the inherent performance shortcomings of recycled raw materials requires new and innovative methods. We can not only provide customers with high-quality engineering thermoplastic materials with multiple recycled component levels, but also provide the most comprehensive high-performance recycled product series on the market, for which we are very proud."

new PCR resin for electronic products

saber basic innovative plastic has improved its product series using PCR ingredients. The following is the latest product provided by the company:

norylclassicopcr resin: norylpcrrn0401 resin is developed based on the successful closed-loop recycling project in the past. It is the first open-loop series product of modified polyphenylene oxide (PPE). It contains 20% PCR components, reaching the standard of ul94v02 mm, and its thermal deformation temperature is expected to reach 70 ℃. It is suitable for manufacturing various electronic product housings, modems and power adapters. Norylpcrclassico resin has another two specifications with PCR components as high as 40%. They are expected to be launched on the market in the next six months

cycoloypcr resin: these polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (pc/abs) resins contain open-loop PCR polycarbonate from mineral water bottles, CDs and other sources, and the PCR content can reach 30% to 50%, which is suitable for the manufacture of notebook and consumer electronic products. The resin can provide filled and unfilled flame retardant specifications, and can provide two evaluation points for manufacturers who strive to meet the environmental impact assessment tool for electronic products (EPEAT) standard. For example, cycoloyrcm6123 resin contains 30% PCR components, reaching the standard of ul94v01.2mm, and the hardness of the finished thin-walled shell can reach 4.3 gigapascals (GPA). The company is about to launch another 6 new specifications, which will provide a variety of hardness, flame retardant grade and viscosity combinations

lexan and lexanexlpcr resins: Currently, there are four specifications of non flame retardant lexanex LPC resins such as Collider, whose PCR composition ranges from 10% to 80%. The newly added three new specifications include lexanexl8134, lexanexl8454 and lexanexl8483 resins, while the earlier lexanexl8414 resin was released at the 2009 NPE exhibition. They are based on the high-performance lexanexl technology of saber based innovative plastics. Compared with standard PC resin, they have better impact resistance, low-temperature ductility and processability. In terms of "cradle to gate" greenhouse gas emissions, the carbon emission of this specification is 20% to 6% lower than that of traditional lexanexl1414 resin. It will achieve nothing by 4%, even lower than that of traditional native PC and pc/abs resin. Lexanexl8414 has been applied to, of which motow233renew is the most noteworthy. In addition, saber basic innovative plastic also provides a new specification of flame-retardant polycarbonate resin, lexanr9453 resin, which contains up to 30% of PCR components, reaching the ul94v01.1 mm standard. Lexanr9453 resin has non brominated and non chlorinated flame retardancy

in addition, saber basic innovative plastics will continue to help customers implement customized closed-loop recycling projects, that is, recycling and dismantling scrapped products. Then, saber basic innovative plastics will recycle these materials for customers to produce recycled products again. Successful projects include printer cartridges, commercial equipment that has been leased out, and the recycling of customers' manufacturing waste (or post industrial waste)

pioneers of sustainable development: valoxiq and xenoyiqresins

valoxiq and xenoyiq confirm the commitment of saber based innovative plastics to sustainable development. These products use advanced chemical processes to recycle pet waste into engineering thermoplastic materials. Valoxiq product series (including nearly 15 specifications developed based on polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and xenoyiqpc/pbt trees must speed up the PCR component weight ratio of automotive lightweight fat products ranging from 12% to 60%. The excellent comprehensive performance of these two resins can be comparable to the materials used in connectors, computer cooling fans, catering server dishes, power tool housings, consumer goods and automotive exterior decoration. Since its launch in 2006, valoxiq resin technology has won many awards

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