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Saber basic helped KKL launch new verton composites

saber basic innovative plastics has always attached importance to customer collaboration and technological innovation. Recently, the company helped its important customer karbonkineticsltd (KKL) broke through the tradition and successfully launched a novel bicycle made of high-value verton*rv00ce special composite materials. KKL's newly launched gocycle is the lightest mass-produced electric bicycle in the world. The weight of the car is only 16.2 kg, but it is very durable, which is largely due to the high-performance verton composites

verton composite is a 60% long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite, which provides the award-winning gocyclb fixture with extremely high stiffness, impact strength, excellent toughness and reliability. This new bike with beautiful design can be used not only for pedal fitness, but also for clean electric drive. Therefore, cyclists can neither make buildings and bridges bear greater loads, nor cause exhaust emissions. This environmentally friendly and low-cost urban transportation solution meets the bicycle testing standards of the European Union (EU) and all cities in the United States

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