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Saab x55 is officially offline. The first AI SUV has come to the official offline of Saab x55. The first AI SUV has come to the official offline of Fixed Altitude dynamometer>

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original title: Saab x55 is officially offline. The first AI SUV has come to the official offline of Saab x55. On August 14, Saab x55 is officially offline. If there is no accident, this car will be officially launched in the third quarter, although it is only a compact SUV, But this car has extraordinary significance for BAIC Saab

the first is the timing of listing. Not long ago, Dong 2 Xu Heyi, chairman of the experimental force, announced that BAIC would gradually withdraw from the production and sales of its own brand fuel vehicles in Beijing. The news came out, the industry was in uproar, and people speculated that BAIC might fade out of its own brand fuel vehicles in the future. Although BAIC has communicated with the media several times, the effect is not satisfactory. At this time, BAIC Motor Co., Ltd. launched a heavyweight fuel vehicle, which obviously has the consideration of speaking with facts, proving that BAIC Motor Co., Ltd. will not give up the fuel vehicle market

the second is the car itself. Cash Saab x55 has not been on the market for a long time. It has been on the market for only a little more than two years since the first quarter of 2016, which is the time to play. At the same time, the listing of the new Saab x55 was not smooth. It was first unveiled at the Shanghai auto show last year. It was originally planned to be listed in the second half of 2017, but later postponed to the first quarter of 2018. However, six months later, the listing news is still uncertain, and there are different opinions about this car among the people. Now the new car is offline, and the official listing is also in the countdown

for BAIC Saab, the blessing of this car is more far-reaching

as we all know, in recent years, the BAIC joint venture sector has developed very well. Beijing Benz has gradually developed into the leader of China's luxury car market. The average price of a single model is the highest, which brings a lot of money to BAIC every year. Beijing Hyundai used to be the fastest-growing joint venture. Later, it encountered unexpected setbacks and is rapidly recovering this year. BAIC bjev has ranked first in the country for several consecutive years. Last year, it surpassed Tesla and BYD and ranked first in global sales

only in terms of self owned brand fuel vehicles, BAIC performed poorly, especially the core brand Saab. In the first half of 2018, the sales of several SUVs under Saab were poor

among them, Saab X25, with the highest sales volume, sold 11847 vehicles in the first half of the year; Saab X35 sold 13045 vehicles in the first half of the year; Saab X65 sold 292 vehicles in the first half of the year; The sales volume of cash Saab x55 in the first half of the year was terrible and had been in a state of collapse

such sales volume is not commensurate with the status of BAIC group's top 500, the influence of Saab brand, BAIC's expectations for Saab, and BAIC's ambitions. Especially the Saab x55, the sales volume of this compact SUV is very low. It is in this situation that BAIC launched a new generation of Saab x55 just two years after the cash Saab x55 was listed, hoping that it can raise the flag and revitalize Saab

the problem is that the current SUV market competition is extremely fierce, and Saab's brand and product competitiveness are not dominant. If we can't produce products like steel and bayonet, I'm afraid it's difficult to tear up the cruel market

is not sharp enough. Does Saab x55 have this power? Is it ready

1. Compared with the current Saab x55, the new Saab x55 has made great changes in design style, sweeping away the mediocrity and dullness of the current model and becoming more radical and fashionable. Although the outline still has the shadow of the current model, whether it is a large mouth chrome grille or a side suspended roof, it makes this car at least 10 years younger

2. In terms of interior decoration, the new car's central console is equipped with a suspended central control screen, four "Mercedes Benz style" circular air conditioning outlets, plus three flat bottom steering wheels, which brings a strong sense of technology, which is significantly different from the aging design of current models

3. In terms of space, the three dimensions of the current model are 4405/1809/1685mm, and the wheelbase is 2650mm. The new model has a circumference of 4480/1809/1680mm and a wheelbase of 2665mm. The body length and wheelbase are increased by 75mm and 15mm respectively compared with current models, which can be described as significant progress. However, compared with models at the same level, they are only medium and do not occupy an advantage

4. In terms of power system, Saab x55 is expected to be equipped with a locally amplified 1.5T all aluminum turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 110KW and a maximum torque of 210n • M. it will also provide CVT transmission and 6mt transmission. It is reported that the new car may cancel the cash 1.5L self-priming engine and 5-speed manual transmission. But even so, do not directly use this motor source compared with competitors. This 1.5T engine does not have an advantage compared with its peers

the real killer of the new Saab x55, the first AI model, is officially called "the first model with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology as the core positioning". According to public reports, the new car "integrates a number of AI technologies", which are mainly reflected in some technologies and intelligent configurations

for example, its built-in intelligent voice system not only has conventional functions such as voice dialing, turning on air conditioning, navigation, but also can voice control seat heating, window lifting, wiper, lamp, etc. these functions seem to be the first time to hear at present

for another example, in terms of active safety, the new car is equipped with ADAS driving safety system, which integrates BSD blind spot monitoring, LDW lane departure warning, and the unique mod low-speed object dynamic recognition technology at the same level. These technologies obviously make the vehicle smarter, safer and easier to drive

for another example, the new car also applies the industry's first "Ai big data security self-test" system, which manages and monitors the travel safety of vehicles all the time, and actively pushes the vehicle operation status information, which will greatly facilitate the communication between people and vehicles, and make vehicle owners feel at their fingertips about the vehicle status

after integrating al technology, Saab X5 will become very smart. Although its heart is not surging and strong, it has a smart enough brain

in the coming era of intelligence, can it succeed

in terms of product power, the new Saab x55 has no obvious weakness, and it has surpassed most competitors in appearance and configuration. At the same time, BAIC is rich and powerful, and it will not put forward too high requirements for profits, so it can go into battle with light equipment

but these are not important. The core competitiveness of Saab x55 lies in the concept, "the first car model with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology as the core positioning". Of course, someone will immediately refute, "what kind of artificial intelligence is some simple language control and remote control?"

but it is really artificial intelligence. Although it is only the primary stage of artificial intelligence, it does exceed the vast majority of models in the market, and expresses the most sincere attitude under the current technical conditions. It gives the hot AI concept to an SUV, and puts the new Saab x55 on a sci-fi mysterious robe, which will give this car a unique charm

as for the sales volume of Saab x55, it may not matter. Most importantly, when it wears the hat of "the first AI car", it is doomed that no matter how developed the AI car is, the new Saab x55 will enjoy the status of founder and leader, just like the Roewe rx5 brought the crown of "the first Internet car" to itself, which inspired countless car companies to join the Internet camp

in short, after many years of gestation, the automotive industry will gradually evolve from the mechanical age to the intelligent age. For the era of intelligent vehicles with infinite prospects in the future, Saab x55 may be submerged in the rolling tide, but in any case, it is the first to call out the name of "artificial intelligent vehicles" and the first to wear the hat of "artificial intelligent vehicles". No matter how prosperous the future intelligent vehicles and autonomous driving create, it has been far ahead

this is really a smart choice

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