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Saber innovative plastic is the first to promote halogen-free flame retardant film

in order to strictly comply with a series of environmental protection regulations such as the EU Directive on banning the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic and electrical equipment, the minimum model of this kind of testing machine is 50kN, and electronic product manufacturers are actively reducing halide additives in their products. To this end, saber basic innovative plastics launched efr735 film at the 2008 China International Rubber and plastic exhibition held last week, which is the company's first thermoplastic film without brominated and chlorinated flame retardants in production. The new EFR film can also provide excellent performance with relatively thin thickness, which is in line with the current trend of small and light weight. It is reported that the first non halogenated flame retardant film has dual significance: it can not only help electronic customers produce environmental protection products, but also expand the company's portfolio of environmental protection materials. The head of the film products Department of saber basic innovative plastics said: large electronic product manufacturers have a good sense of environmental protection and restrict or prohibit the use of potentially harmful substances in their products and production processes. We believe that efr735 film can help customers realize the goal of directly producing particles at room temperature more easily, and benefit from its better performance and thinner thickness. Efr735 film is an ideal choice for shielding and insulating diaphragms, printed circuit boards, die-cut diaphragms and insulating plates, labels and covering plates. It is also suitable for adapters of computers, notebooks, mobile devices, battery packs, DVD players, printers, devices, audio/video devices, and many other electronic and electrical devices. According to the test results of UL94, the product provides the flame retardant performance of vtm-0 with a thickness of 152 microns, and no potentially harmful halide additives are used. It can also provide puncture resistance and tensile strength much better than flame retardant polypropylene (FRPP). Its puncture resistance is 3 times that of flame retardant PP, and its tensile strength is 2 times that of flame retardant pp. it can also adapt to high temperature environment. In addition, the shrinkage resistance of the standard film of saber based innovative plastic is three times that of flame retardant PP. Random signal inspection, harmonic distortion and other accuracy indicators are verification items formulated to ensure the uniqueness of environmental experimental conditions. The product also has low humidity absorption, high thermoplastic performance and excellent insulation strength. Moreover, the efr735 film process of this product is simple, and it can be processed by thermoplastic, embossing, trimming die cutting, scoring and bending processes

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