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SaaS call center solution providers sign OEM agreements with SugarCRM

bundled cloud products provide end-to-end customer relationship management, call center and solutions that change with the market

according to foreign media reports, the world's leading SaaS call center and solution providers announced that the company has joined SugarCRM's growing OEM partner program. According to the agreement, sugarcrmprofessional will be embedded in its cloud platform and bundled with the solution

The cloud call center of

is used through the special toolbar in the browser (or driven by any VoIP), and its "angels" patented middleware can provide integration, IVR workflow and automation for sugarcrmprofessional in a few minutes (whether sugarcrmprofessional is general-purpose or customized, managed or self built). Through this toolbar, sugarcrmprofessional can occupy the entire screen "layout", so institutions can use a CRM desktop to achieve all functions, thereby reducing implementation and training costs and improving the overall user experience

with the advanced functions of the multi million dollar system, it provides inbound and outbound multi-channel (voice, email, fax, SMS, online chat and voice mail) capabilities, and is easy to maintain and support. This cloud solution is the first choice of all VoIP providers. Its third-party call control technology improves the call quality and reduces the call cost of customers

simonbutler, chairman and CEO for many years, said: "We are truly professional cloud call centers and technology providers; with our patented technology, we have tried 3D printing technology. The order size is much larger than that of our competitors, and we can quickly implement solutions. After binding with sugarcrmprofessional, we have presented an unparalleled value proposition to customers in terms of heart, communication and CRM solutions in such environments in enterprise level end-to-end calls. Rules of the game Has changed! "

Butler added: "this bundle will shock the market; the price level is destructive, and our monthly and parallel pricing plans enable customers to quickly adjust their business solution needs according to changing operational requirements."

sugarcrm's product series is open and flexible, which can meet the needs of large and small enterprises. SugarCRM's solution can easily adapt to various environments and permissions. SugarCRM provides a variety of functions, such as sales leads, contact and customer management, marketing activities, reporting tools, etc. With this intuitive, flexible and open solution, the company can grasp the overall interaction between customers and business teams

chuckcoulson Luowen, vice president of SugarCRM enterprise development, said, "the combination of SugarCRM and contivio provides one of the most cost-effective and powerful cloud call center solutions in the current market. As part of our OEM expansion partner network, the binding of contivio solutions and sugar functions helps organizations to more effectively conduct internal and customer contact anytime, anywhere." CTI Forum Report

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