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Analyze the current situation and Prospect of aluminum foil packaging market

aluminum foil packaging began in the early 20th century, when aluminum foil, as the most expensive packaging material, was only used for high-end packaging. In 1911, the Swiss confectionery company began to pack chocolate with aluminum foil, which gradually became popular instead of tin foil. In 1913, based on the success of aluminum smelting, the United States also began to produce aluminum foil, which was mainly used for high-end commodities, life-saving products and chewing gum packaging. In 1921, the United States successfully developed composite aluminum foil paperboard, which is mainly used as decorative board and high-grade packaging folding carton. Heat sealable aluminum foil paper came out in 1938. During World War II, aluminum foil developed rapidly as a military packaging material. In 1948, formed aluminum foil containers were used to package food. In the 1950s, aluminum paper and aluminum plastic composites began to develop. In the 1970s, with the maturity of color printing technology, aluminum foil and aluminum plastic composite packaging entered a period of rapid popularization

entering the 21st century, the trend of market competition and product homogenization has stimulated the rapid development of product packaging. In 2002, the size of the global packaging market has exceeded 500 billion US dollars. The development of aluminum foil packaging is basically synchronized with the development of the whole industry. In the Chinese market, the development of aluminum foil packaging is faster, mainly for two reasons: first, there is a clear gap between the development of China's flexible packaging market and developed countries. The proportion of flexible packaging for consumer goods and food is small. Developed countries have accounted for more than 65%, some have exceeded 70%, while China accounts for about 15%, and the proportion has increased rapidly in the past two years; Second, the domestic aluminum-plastic composite and aluminum paper composite technology has been maturing, and the production cost has been reduced, which has promoted the popularization and application of aluminum matrix composites in China's packaging market

with the rapid development of the global packaging industry, the packaging industry has become an important pillar industry in developed countries. In the United States, what items are needed for steel structure testing? What do you need to master? Key points of choosing fatigue testing machine what tests do steel structures need? The packaging industry has become the third largest industry and the seventh largest industry in Europe. The development of the global packaging industry has greatly boosted the consumption of aluminum foil, making the packaging industry the largest application consumption market of aluminum foil. According to the statistics of the European aluminum foil industry association, more than 70% of aluminum foil in Europe is used in all kinds of packaging products, which is as high as 75% in the United States, and 70% in Japan. Food packaging alone accounts for 30% of aluminum foil consumption

in 2005, there were more than 10000 packaging enterprises in China, with an annual output value of 328.3 billion yuan. Among the 42 major industries in the country, the packaging industry has risen from the penultimate place in the early 1980s to the 14th place now. In the global packaging consumption market of about $600billion, China has become the third largest packaging country after the United States and Japan. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's packaging industry, the application of aluminum foil in the packaging field has also increased rapidly. In 2005, the consumption of aluminum foil for packaging in China was about 110000 tons, of which about 38000 tons were used for cigarette packaging due to the micro unevenness of ceramic microstructure, accounting for 34.5% (Note: China has signed the International Framework Convention on tobacco control in November 2003, and before November 10, 2006, domestic tobacco enterprises will use environmental friendly vacuum aluminized paper, and the aluminum foil for cigarettes will be sharply reduced); Aluminum foil for food packaging is about 20000 tons, accounting for 18.2%; About 9000 tons of aluminum foil for dairy products packaging, accounting for 8.2%; Aluminum foil for daily chemical packaging is about 5000 tons, accounting for 4.5%; 10000 tons of aluminum foil for wine sealing accounted for 9.1%, 11000 tons of aluminum foil for beverage packaging accounted for 10%, 11000 tons of aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging accounted for 10%, and the other 6000 tons accounted for 5.5%. Aluminum foil for packaging accounts for 18.3% of aluminum foil consumption. From the above, it can be seen that there is still a big gap between the application rate of aluminum foil in packaging industry in China and that in developed countries

from the perspective of the development prospect of China's packaging industry, the state has put forward the development plan of agricultural industrialization in the field of food 3. The change of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage. Food processing is listed as a key priority development field, and it is expected that the output value of food packaging will increase by more than 12% every year in the future. Dairy and beverage industry has become the most growing industry today, and all kinds of soft packaging varieties have appeared in the market. In 2005, the annual output value of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry was 15billion yuan, which can only meet 80% of the packaging needs of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises. It is expected that the pharmaceutical packaging industry will achieve rapid development during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. In the daily chemical industry, daily chemical products are entering a market boom period with great development potential. In the packaging industry, it is one of the most updated and fastest-growing markets. It can be seen that the future growth space of China's aluminum foil demand is mainly in the packaging aluminum foil to support a market with a large capacity. Industry experts predict that by the end of the 11th Five Year Plan period, the annual demand for aluminum foil for packaging in China will reach about 250000 tons, and the growth rate of aluminum foil for packaging in the next few years will significantly exceed the growth rate of the three major uses of aluminum foil for air conditioning, decoration and cables in China

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