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One week plastic market analysis and forecast

I. plastic market

1, international market

a, polyethylene market (PE): the price of polyethylene in Asia soared by US dollars/ton due to the active Chinese market and the strong crude oil price, but the vast majority of resin buyers and suppliers believe that the rise in China's price is supported by the lack of supply, but it is not caused by the improvement of market demand. The polyethylene market quotation this week is: high pressure 1200 US dollars/ton, low pressure 1150 (wire drawing, film material), linear 1160 US dollars/ton (CFR China main port/Southeast Asia)

b, polypropylene market: the market price of polypropylene in Asia rose sharply by US $100/ton to US $per ton supported by the stronger price of crude oil and propylene monomers and the stronger purchase interest in the Chinese market (CFR China's main port/Southeast Asia). Many buyers and sellers said that the current rise was driven by the tight supply of polypropylene and propylene raw materials, but lacked effective demand support

trend chart of international plastic market

he said: "the manufacturing industry is actually in a golden period of job creation since the 1990s. 2. Domestic market

(1) one week market analysis

A, polyethylene (PE) : driven by the frequent price increases of PetroChina and Sinopec and the rise of the outer disc, the market reaction was general, and the price continued to rise by yuan. Among them, the rising trend of high-density price was stronger due to the shortage of goods, and the transaction in the polyethylene market stabilized

b, polypropylene (PP): supported by the continuous rise in domestic petrochemical prices and high external prices, the market in most parts of the country continued to rise last week this week, and the price was stable, especially the thin-layer insulation rose by 500 yuan. Among them, wiredrawing and copolymerization increased greatly due to the shortage of goods, and the transaction volume of the whole polypropylene market gradually shrank due to the high-level resistance

trend chart of market transaction price of plastic products in some parts of China (unit: yuan/ton)

(2) market forecast for next week

A. polypropylene: Petrochemical prices rise frequently, merchants and downstream manufacturers resist and worry, market purchase confidence shows a shaking trend, market prices highlight stagflation, there is the possibility of rational correction in the future, and the speculation atmosphere of tight resources is weakened. In addition, the traditional dominant position in the South China market was replaced by the tight East China and North China markets due to abundant resources and reduced demand. Polypropylene market trend next week: the rise slowed down in the first half of the week; High consolidation in the second half of the week

b, polyethylene: shrinking market demand and high price resistance dilute the positive effects of resource shortages. The market wait-and-see atmosphere is getting stronger, and the future market needs to enter the stage of rational adjustment. At present, the market demand is weak due to the cooler weather and the seasonal demand recession. Therefore, the polypropylene market trend next week is mainly high-level consolidation

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