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On the ethical and ecological value of "simple packaging"

emerging values such as energy conservation, environmental protection and returning to nature have been increasingly recognized, which to some extent constitute the social foundation for the existence and development of simple design. People devote their attention to the simple, fresh and natural style, which may be because the fast-paced pace of life has made people feel exhausted. People are eager for a moment of rest in their hearts, prompting designers to reposition themselves and think about how to make the expression of design ideas more clear, clear and concise in such a noisy visual world. Simple packaging design will become the mainstream style of modern packaging design. It advocates the simplest packaging structure, the most frugal packaging materials, the most refined modeling, as well as the most refined words and accurate information transmission. It advocates using clear, clear, pure and calm abstract forms to pursue richness in simplicity and elegance in purity. The design idea of "less is more" is emphasized. The picture of the design works is simple and open-minded, without any unnecessary decoration. At the same time, it can ensure the true expression of the design intention, which is intuitive and realistic, making the whole packaging design more refined, concise and natural

it can be seen that simple packaging is a packaging form that not only includes the functional value of packaging, but also endows packaging with artistic value

basic characteristics of simple packaging

Realism: on the one hand, the realism of simple packaging opposes cheating consumers like excessive packaging; On the other hand, we are opposed to perfunctory consumers like simple packaging. "Two Jin micron friction and wear tester (10N) bamboo shoot three Jin shell" is the most appropriate way to describe the over packaging phenomenon of many products. The simple and generous packaging of moon cakes has to be made into multi-layer Pavilion style baskets, dragon boat shaped gift baskets and other styles. Wrap these round and flat cakes in "three layers inside and outside" and dress up brilliantly. The price is amazing. The same is true for the packaging of all kinds of health and nutrition products. There are only four small tablet ginseng buccal tablets, so it is necessary to pack them into two packages, wrap them inside and outside in plastic bags and small cartons, and then put a large packaging box with exquisite printing on the outside. The most typical is a kind of American ginseng packaging. The box is very small. When you open it, the substance is only a thin layer, and the volume is less than 1% of the packaging

in recent years, this phenomenon of excessive packaging and luxury packaging is common in society. Excessive packaging means that the packaging of goods exceeds the required level, forming unnecessary packaging protection. Its manifestations are excessive consumption of materials, excessive weight, excessive content volume, excessive volume, excessive use of materials, excessive decoration, high cost, etc., which greatly exceeds the requirements of protecting and beautifying goods, and gives consumers a sense of unworthy of the name

many goods are small in themselves, but the packaging is one layer on the left and one layer on the right. Consumers can only realize the "true face of Lushan Mountain" by peeling it off layer by layer. This excessive packaging not only does not play its due role of beautification and promotion, but on the contrary, it gives consumers a feeling of burden and produces a rebellious psychology; Excessive packaging will increase some unnecessary costs, raise packaging costs, and damage the rights and interests of consumers; What is more serious is that excessive packaging increases the use of packaging materials, wastes expensive natural resources, increases urban domestic waste, and causes environmental pressure

with the development of society and the improvement of material civilization, people's spiritual needs are constantly improving; With the deterioration of living environment and the lack of natural resources, people's packaging concept is changing. Consumers are increasingly in favor of simple packaging. Packaging must be able to meet the core needs of consumers, that is, it must have real value. Because the purpose of people buying is not packaging, but the products in the packaging. These multifarious "form is greater than content" over packaging may be able to attract occasional gift purchases, but it is difficult to win consumer loyalty and lack the motivation for long-term development

we oppose excessive packaging, advocate simple packaging, and prevent going to the other extreme. Simplicity does not mean emptiness and simplicity. Simplicity is a breakthrough in "complexity". The relationship between simplicity and simplicity is the result of quantitative and qualitative changes. Simplicity is the crystallization of simple accumulation and the essence formed after multi-layer infiltration and screening. Simplicity is the use of limited information to convey an intriguing artistic conception, which can maintain a clear vein in the complexity, and can provide a refined index signal in the viewer's memory, leaving a deep overall impression and poor anti-interference ability. Simple packaging is not simple packaging, but requires simple and clear packaging design, accurate, complete and clear design elements to grasp the attributes of goods, quickly and accurately convey commodity information, so that consumers can get a more comprehensive understanding of goods in a very short time. Realistic and simple packaging must have:

clarity. In addition to the commodity name, brand and trademark, the package also indicates the quantity, weight, quality, size (such as shoes), manufacturer (and address, number), production date, price or bar code; The food package must contain nutrients, raw materials, and the consumption period, and be specially marked with "fat free", "low fat", "sugar free", etc

instructive. How to open the package, how to preserve the goods, and how to eat and use them should be explained in detail on the package. If it needs to be refrigerated, it must be stated on the package. The text used for guidance should be detailed, and concise schematic diagrams should be provided when necessary. For example, there is a toothpaste with "how to brush your teeth" printed on the package List 5 points and 3 attached drawings, with special emphasis on the care of doctors: "only use your own toothbrush, not others' toothbrush."

convenience. Including the convenience of store display and sales; Convenient for customers to carry, use, etc

security. Including moisture-proof, mildew proof, moth proof, shock proof, leak proof, shatter proof, extrusion proof, etc

packaging should also reflect meticulous care for people. Goods full of human nature are irresistible, and goods packaging full of human nature gives people a more cordial and warm feeling. For example, the packaging of toys is written for children from several years old to several years old. If there are small particles in the toy, it is specially stated that "children under the age of 3 cannot play with it". For those packaged with plastic film, the film is printed with the words: "this is not a toy. Stay away from children to prevent suffocation." There are precautions on the packaging of detergent, bleach, etc.: "do not enter your eyes. In case of accidental entry, rinse with water or see a doctor."

for the understanding of packaging, we should use the dialectical unity and development thought, while seeing its own positive role, we should further contact its impact on society, the environment and other aspects, expand its service function, overcome or reduce the adverse factors of packaging itself to the greatest extent, and reduce and overcome man-made adverse factors

seeking beauty: the packaging design of commodities is the crystallization of decorative art. Exquisite and elegant packaging can arouse consumers' high-level social needs. The packaging with deep artistic charm is a kind of beautiful enjoyment for buyers, and it is the driving force to promote potential consumers to become visible consumers and permanent and habitual consumers. It is true that consumers buy goods not only based on packaging, but also subordinate to goods. The quality, price and popularity of goods are the main factors for consumers to weigh. However, the "halo effect" of packaging can transfer consumers' good feeling of packaging to goods and achieve the purpose of promotion. The carton of "Snow Lotus" cashmere sweaters is soft light green, and there is a protruding white snow lotus pattern on the box, which is particularly elegant and eye-catching. There is a brand with antique black patterns on a red background outside the bottle of "ancient wine of the Western Han Dynasty". On the yellow background of the packing box, there are four strong and dignified black seal characters "ancient wine of the Western Han Dynasty", like an old man telling a long story. In a row of colorful wine bottles, its unique style is very eye-catching. The packaging of "Wuliangye" breaks the traditional rectangle in shape design, and adopts the method of square corner cutting to turn the whole quadrangle into a Pentagon. This innovation is not simply seeking alternative, and its design form is not cumbersome, but adopts a simple and generous face with novel shape, which brings a feeling of "simplicity but not monotony, plain but not rigid", At the same time, it injects new blood into "Wuliangye", a well-known brand for a long time, so that it not only breaks through the tradition in product positioning, but also differs from the old-fashioned model in product packaging, so that consumers completely feel refreshing. The change of packaging materials has also attracted people's attention. The porcelain gifts exported from Shandong are ingeniously packed in portable boxes made of corn husks, which not only makes full use of the surplus rural labor force, but also makes a large number of local cheap materials into industrial and artistic packaging with folk characteristics and elegant texture, which is more artistic than general carton packaging. Sichuan famous "silk wrapped rabbit" food, originally packaged in red rectangular cartons, is now woven into exquisite cylindrical containers with thin bamboo strips, which is unique and beautiful, forming an unforgettable impression

this is the simple beauty of commodity packaging. In a huge city, miscellaneous businesses fill every corner, any object is covered with colorful packaging, cement buildings block out the sun, and the streets and alleys are covered with noise, which forces urbanites to be eager to escape. Simple design creates a psychological refuge for urbanites: simple and smooth lines, elegant colors, comfortable and fashionable shapes, the application of natural materials... Refreshing and concise, so that the complicated mind is instantly purified by art and led to the ethereal. Not too big, not too expensive, easy to own, easy to enjoy, so that life becomes open and boundless, warm and romantic

we should know that people's demand for beauty also increases with the progress of life and the development of the times. Different times have different unique aesthetic characteristics. When designing packaging, we must consider the aesthetic requirements of modern people, emphasize simplicity and freshness, emphasize health, upward, positive and enterprising, and have the aesthetic feeling of the spirit of the times, which is in line with modern new design concepts and design ideas. Returning to nature and paying attention to green and environmental protection are the new aesthetic needs of modern people. They are tired of deliberately carving, laying too much and fragmented disorder, emphasizing humanized design, pursuing simple design style, and paying attention to cultural and national performance, so that packaging can be more international and lasting

novelty seeking: modern packaging, as a new interdisciplinary comprehensive specialty, involves natural science and social science. The development of disciplines and the changes in the market have constantly changed the requirements for packaging, which makes the packaging discipline must be synchronized with science and technology. For example, the development of material science provides more and more choices of packaging materials; With the development of computer technology, the degree of automation of packaging machinery is getting higher and higher; With the development of printing technology, packaging and decoration are becoming more and more exquisite, and so on. Simple packaging is a process of continuous innovation with the help of high-tech

new packaging materials. Packaging material is the basis of packaging design. Its basic properties are protection, safety, processing adaptability, convenience, merchantability, economy and recyclability. With the development of science and technology, all kinds of new materials

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