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On the eve of the cancellation of the fresh food ban, pasteurized milk enterprises have made high-profile expansion

although the official document of the cancellation of the "fresh food ban" has not been issued, the expansion of pasteurized milk enterprises has been carried out with a high profile

yesterday, at the 5th International Dairy workers' and reliable grounding industry exhibition jointly organized by Guangdong Dairy Association and Guangzhou Dairy Association, fresh milk brands such as xiangmanlou, Yantang, Fengxing and Chenguang appeared together and launched their high-end pasteurized milk products

"according to the latest news at the meeting of the China Dairy Association last week, the document specifying the cancellation of the fresh food ban will come down soon. We should have full confidence in this." At yesterday's dairy Summit Forum, Wang dingmian, chairman of the Guangdong Dairy Association, gave reassurance to pasteurized dairy enterprises, which are mainly engaged in fresh milk

compared with the strong development of new products of normal temperature milk, pasteurized milk enterprises were once relatively conservative. Stimulated by the news of the cancellation of the fresh milk ban, the development of fresh milk products for Guangdong pasteurized dairy enterprises to become bigger, stronger and better began to accelerate. Zhou Dongqing, deputy general manager of xiangmanlou animal husbandry Co., Ltd., introduced that the company's newly launched product "mystery milk" is the first high-function milk in China to add omega-3, a beneficial ingredient of deep-sea fish oil. The "popular gold medal milk" of Guangzhou popular milk company is also a recently listed product

due to its high-end positioning, the price of the above two new products packaged in about 150 ml is more than 3 yuan. South China dairy senior said that due to the recent rise in the price of sugar and other raw materials, the dairy price war has subsided slightly. At the same time, pasteurized milk high-end products also took this opportunity to enter the market

and cleaning and drying. As the main supplier of pasteurized milk packaging in China, international paper also made a high-profile appearance on the eve of the cancellation of the fresh food ban. Yesterday, Chen Yibing, commercial director of Shanghai international paper, admitted that China's vigorous development of fresh milk is undoubtedly a good thing for the company. Last year, the company's Asia Pacific headquarters moved to Shanghai, which is a clear manifestation of increasing business development in China

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