On the dynamic process and system combination of c

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On the dynamic process and system combination of commodity packaging

this paper studies the dynamic process of commodity packaging, and attempts to explore the general generation procedure of commodity packaging. Firstly, it discusses the multi-function of commodity packaging, and studies the dominant starting point of commodity packaging. Secondly, it discusses the design orientation of commodity packaging, and studies the psychological causes of commodity packaging. Finally, the dynamic integration of commodity packaging is discussed, and the generation procedure of commodity packaging is studied. l. Multiple functions of commodity packaging

commodity packaging refers to the container that holds and protects products. Commodity packaging is also known as "packaging". Such as "box, bottle, bag, box", etc. From its relationship with commodities, It is also divided into inner packaging (also known as "small packaging") , medium packaging, outer packaging. The packaging discussed in this paper covers the above three categories, but mainly discusses the characteristics of outer packaging

studying the function of commodity packaging is the starting point of studying commodity packaging, because the ultimate purpose of commodity packaging is to maximize its function. On the whole, the function of commodity packaging is mainly reflected in three aspects. 1.1 natural protection function

natural protection function refers to the natural material function of commodity packaging

any commodity packaging objectively defines the "quantity" of commodities, but more importantly, it maintains the "quality" of commodities. Commodities are often damaged by vibration, extrusion, impact, wind, sun and rain in the whole circulation process from production to consumption. It will also be damaged by temperature, humidity, insects and rats during storage; Proper packaging can prevent all possible damages and protect the use value of goods. Therefore, commodity packaging and natural protection functions are the main functions of commodity packaging. The strength of the natural protection function depends on the packaging materials and packaging dynamics, while the packaging materials depend on the material properties and production costs of the goods themselves. 1.2 social identification function

social identification function refers to the positioning function of brand and quality of commodity packaging. The social identification function reflects the quality characteristics and economic value of commodities through commodity packaging, and also reflects the consumption of domestic passenger cars recognized by commodity producers through commodity packaging? What are the most promising "plastic instead of steel" schemes in the near future? Ethics, aesthetic taste, psychological needs, fashion and other different functional information. It provides a means of indication for a variety of the most basic information of commodities

the information carrier of social recognition function mainly includes brand, product name, quality, trademark, composition, utility, etc. Information related to social recognition can be divided into two categories

First, it is mainly related to the commodity itself, such as the quality, name, composition, utility, etc

second, it is mainly related to the enterprises producing goods, such as brands, trademarks, etc

in modern marketing, social recognition function can play a very important role. The conventional impression of various commodities is preserved in the memory of consumers. When the quality and function of commodities are difficult to judge due to packaging isolation, consumers often make judgments based on the packaging of commodities

when the goods of an enterprise leave a good impression in the hearts of consumers, consumers will identify the goods many times by virtue of packaging; And famous brand products are often highlighted in similar products with unique packaging forms. Therefore, the social identification function of packaging strengthens the brand awareness of goods. 1.3 commodity value-added function

successful commodity packaging has value-added function, which is mainly reflected in realizing value and improving value. In terms of realizing value, in modern marketing, many consumers' desire to buy is generated or strengthened by the stimulation of commodity packaging. Therefore, successful commodity packaging can speed up the sales of commodities and increase the value of commodities by realizing value and accelerating the operation of funds. In terms of increasing value, the value-added scope of successful packaging not only involves the packaging itself, but also can be partially transferred to the commodity itself. The high-end and elegant packaging appearance can stimulate the psychological desire of consumers, make them feel happy with the improvement of their own level while owning goods, so as to transfer the beautiful feeling of consumers on packaging to goods. Therefore, improving the artistic taste of commodity packaging can improve the value level of commodities

in addition to the above three main functions, commodity packaging has some secondary functions, such as "convenience function", that is, suitable packaging is convenient for the transportation, carrying, storage, use of commodities, etc. Another example is the "collection function", that is, some packages are enhanced by people because of their exquisite decoration and printing. They are collected as a kind of art, such as cigarette boxes, match flowers, etc. 2. The design orientation of commodity packaging

the design orientation of commodity packaging is the starting point of packaging design, and it is a series of multiple factors that need to be comprehensively considered and weighed

design positioning "is to focus sales on the central field of customer awareness to pray for" (Sichuan Shengjiu "advertising psychology")

by developing and promoting products, enterprises hope that their products will occupy a certain position among some expected buyers, which is the so-called concept of positioning. The positioning concept actually reflects the subjective efforts of enterprises to reduce blindness and increase initiative; It reflects the honest attitude of respecting and caring for consumers; It embodies the values of emphasizing personality and self

the final determination of the design positioning can only be made through the horizontal (similar products) and vertical (from the development and evolution of the internal quality, modeling, packaging appearance and media publicity of the product), and only through the accurate prediction of the trend, purchasing power, aesthetic taste of social consumption and the characteristics of consumer groups. The design orientation of commodity packaging mainly includes object orientation, level orientation and strategy orientation

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